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Saturday, April 05, 2008

Easter, Swimming, and Weight loss!

How come every time I blog now, I feel that I have to start off with an apology? Could be because I have not blogged in forever! So, I once again am sorry for my lack of updates. I know we had Easter and I usually atleast put pictures up, but of course as you can see, that did not happen. We had a great Easter and just spent the day at my parents (which we do every Sunday anyway). We went to church on Sunday morning, then did the Easter hunt at grammy's after. I got video of the kids doing their Easter hunt, but I don't feel like putting it up. So, even though they are a little late, here are the kids Easter pics (including one of Grayson) as well as a slideshow. I think this is the last year I will be able to dress the girls alike. It will make me sad, but Latoya is growing up and will be out of children's place clothing very soon! So, here are the pics:

Next on the agenda is swimming! I know I just blogged about how much snow we still had, the snow has gone down, but not enough to go swimming! My sister and her hubby have been staying with my mom since they moved back from N.C. They are waiting for their house to be built, which they just signed off on yesterday! Congratulations guys! I know they are super excited, and the house will be beautiful! Anyway, they wanted to get away and just be their little family for a little while and they rented a hotel room. The hotel had a very nice pool! They invited me and the kids to go down and go swimming with them. We went down at about 7 pm. the first night and the kids loved it! Jordan is still a little scared, but once he warmed up and got in his ring, he did better. The girls took a little longer to get used to it. They used their arm floaties as well as their baby floats. Latoya, of course, was fine and was jumping in within minutes of getting there. We stayed for about an hour and went back home. My kids have always been good sleepers, but even they crashed! We then went back on Saturday after the gym. We got there right after lunch (we stopped and ate), I think it was around 12:30 pm. We stayed until 4:30 pm. They were in the pool for 4 HOURS! Grayson didn't last that long. They only stayed for an hour, and then went shopping. They left us with the hotel room key so we could get changed after. We had alot of fun, me included. Needless to say, the girls missed their nap, so, as soon as we got to the van, they were out by the time we left the parking lot!

Here is a slideshow as well as a video of Latoya jumping in:

Here are some random pictures as well:

We went to the mall a little while ago and they had these strollers there that you would rent. He was just playing in one, but he loved it so much, that Auntie had to let him get one! He was in heaven, but it did make it hard to get him out of it in the end:

This is our new stroller. I LOVE it. It was hard to find one that the girls could still fit into for walks and fairs, and malls! We used it for the first time at the mall, and they loved it! We used it again a couple of days ago to walk and pick up Toya from school. It was so much easier to push and the girls enjoy it. It comes with a attached rain cover too. They retail at LL Bean for $350. I was able to find this one on Craigslist for $150. The lady had only used it for one month before winter came and now her older child refuses to sit in it, so she sold it!

Next, we have Lightning Mcqueen from Cars! At our local mall, we had a bunch of race cars on display. These are just local drivers, so no big time people here, but one of the cars was painted to match lighting Mcqueen. The kids were excited to see it, except Kaylee who you can see was not impressed and didn't even want to stand by it. I thought it was pretty cool though!

Last but not least is my weight loss. I wish I would have great number to report, but sadly I do not. I have not had a great couple of weeks, so, this is one reason I have not been blogging. It gets very discouraging when you are working out 6 days a week and still get stuck in a rut. I guess I am going to have to have to throw in a diet now. I was hoping to just do the exercise for a while longer because I really have a hard time sticking to diets. We'll see what happens. Anyway, this is week 11, so I should be down 22 lbs, but I am only down 20.6 lbs. I am happy to finally hit the 20 lb. mark! I am also happy that I have yet to gain at all in any week! Even though the weight loss has not been exactly where I want it to be, I know I have lost quit a few in. I bought a skirt about a month ago that ran small. I was able to wear it last Sunday for church and it was actually a little loose. I also tried on 2 things in the next size down and I was able to get them on and zipped without having to lay down! They are still a little tight for my comfort, but I was definitely encouraged. So, anyway, I guess I am happy with where I am but a little dissapointed that the scale is not showing more. Anyway, this concludes my post for this week! I hope you all have a great week! I am going to try to catch up on some blogs today, I have missed reading all of them.