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Tuesday, November 28, 2006


well, i didn't post anything that i am thankful for this thanksgiving, but as i went to my page to put on this update, i saw the first photo from thanksgiving and it really hit me how thankful i am for my kids! it's not like i am just realizing this, but it just hit me again. anyway, enough with the emotional stuff! :)
so, today after school i took the kids to a new hairstyle place. the business is not new, but it was the first time we have been there. it is called family fun cuts and is located in augusta, me. the kids loved it. toya had a dress on so she only got to use a regular chair, but jordan got to sit on a police motorcycle while he got his hair cut. it's about 40 min. away but it was worth it. jordan usually hates his hair cut but he loved going there. the price is really reasonable too. kids are 9.95 and adults (yes, adults can get their hair done there too) are 11.95. on tuesdays everyone is 8.95. it's like a huge playroom. the kids can either play games while they get their hair done or watch a movie. i was highly impressed. of course the person that owns it is a man, do men ever grow up!!! :) here is a picture of jordan getting his haircut on the motorcycle:
doesn't the hairdresser look like a big kid (that's the impression i got anyway) :)

here is kelsey on one of the other chairs (a horse), no she didn't get her hair cut.

i didn't get any of latoya as i got busy with the twins. i will try to remember to take a picture of her tomorrow so you can see her haircut. we got it cut all the way up to her chin. we've had it that short before and it looks super cute, of course now she doesn't look like her pictures we just had taken, but oh well.

i think that is all for tonight, exceot these last two pictures of the girls. they were trying on toys scarf and earmuffs. kelsey did it first so i was just going to take a picture of her, but as soon as kelsey took them off, kaylee wanted them on and kept insisting "cheese, cheese" until i took her picture....lol. these are the same twins that i could never get a picture of smiling a few months back. i don't knoiw what happened, but they LOVE the camera now. :) here they are:



Have a great evening!!!

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving from us to you!

first i would like to say happy thanksgiving to all!! secondly, wow, it has been a long time since i have updated. it seems that lately, my sleep has won over updating. well, lets see where to start. i guess i should update on the twins. they went to see the e.n.t. in brunswick and we have decided to do tubes on both of them. we just think it will save them some pain in the end. they will be having them out in on dec.4. we will spend the night in brunswick the night before because they have to be there for 6:30 a.m. kaylee will go first at 7:45 and then kelsey will follow at 8:15. they cannot have anything to eat or drink after midnight, so that will be fun. these are girls that want a drink as soon as they get up. the dr.s office gave them little dr. beanie babies. i thought they were adorable. okay, on to other things.
we had a few birthdays this past week. my moms on the 18th, mother in laws on the 19th, hubby's on the 20th. we got clocks with the kids pictures on them for our mothers. on hubby's birthday we actually had toya's party. we did it immediately after school. it worked out great. there was minimal set up and clean up. here are some pictures of her party and also one of daddy's cake:
Toya's cake

Nothing like being the senter of attention. the kids did that themselves without being told. i thought it was pretty cool. the twins even got involved.
Playing games. it was a little room and it got quit loud in there.
ready for cake!
daddy's birthday cake (remember he is a volunteer fireman)

i also wanted to include a copy of toya's school picture. they came out soo good. i can't beleive she will be 8 on saturday! she has grown up soo fast. i should have taken a close up picture of her today. she lost another tooth, so both her front teeth are missing now. i will try to remember to do that tomorrow. she is going to have three of her friends sleep over tomorrow night, and then we will take them all swimming tomorrow at the ymca., yes, it is a inside pool! well, i guess that is all for tonight. enjoy the rest of the thanksgiving night. i think this picture is the best she has taken. here is the picture:

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Pictures, Video's, and not much else!

so, i was experimenting with the videos again, plus i have a few pictures to add. there really isn't much of an update. kaylee continues to have really bad diahrea, like go through your clothes bad. so, we have been through 5 sets of pj's today. so, when you see the video, just block out how unkept they are. i figured if i was just going to keep going through pj's all day then there was no sense in giving baths either. they go to see the e.n.t. tomorrow to see about tubes, so, hopefully medication will be a thing of the past, except of course kaylee's inh med for tb. anyway, here are some pics. we did end up going to meet some officials yesterday. it really wasn't all that great, but we did get to see the falls all lite up in pink and blue. my camera is not the best but i will include one picture and if you look closely you can see the colors on the water. remember it was for prematurity awareness, so the pink is for the girls and blue for boys...duh! i don't know why i thought i had to explain that. this morning i had to give jordan a breathing treatment for his asthma. i still don't know for sure that he has it, but it seemed to help a little. i hope you don't mind all the pictures and videos. it's too hard to choose. enjoy!!! okay, on to the pictures and videos:
Here is a picture of the falls:

The video below is of the girls playing/fighting (it's all the same with them) :)
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Kaylee says cheese :)


Jordan, i can assure you, he is not bodyless...lol. it just happens that his shirt is red and so is grammies, so it looks like just his head.Toothless Latoya!
Jordan talking about his girlfriend, alana. he said she said she loved him at pre-school today, so i had to get it on video.

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I had to get this picture of Kelsey. Notice the seeds of the broccoli on her face, that is what is stuffed in her mouth. of course she has pizza in her other hand. gotta have a balanced meal :) Jordan, Kelsey, Kaylee, and Latoya
Jordan and Latoya
Kaylee and Kelsey (no, there is nothing wrong with her neck, she just likes to pose that way..lol)

This video is Latoya just talking. I had to fit her in.
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Monday, November 13, 2006

Updates :)

well, as you will notice, i have added slide shows to the blog. there are three on the side and then two at the bottom. i thought it would spice up the blog a little. i am also adding video footage that i took of the twins with my digital camera today. it is kinda dark, but i was just experimenting. i will know next time to try to get to a brighter spot. you can still hear their cute little voices though. there is not too much else to report. the girls have major diahrea that i'm assuming is from the medicine. they will be going to see dr. penner in brunswick on thursday for tubes, so hopefully we will be able to put a top to all the meds. they are definitely sleeping better. we went to the ymca to work out tonight. they have a playroom where someone watches the kids while the parents work out. toya was bored last time but liked this lady and they actually did not want to leave. doug and i were able to work out together for an hour. it really is nice to just be able to talk without anyone interupting for a little while. tomorrow, we have the opportunity to meet with some town officials and some state officials as well as it is prematurity awareness month here. they invited me to come with my kids (all 3 girls spent time in the nicu), jordan was 2 1/2 weeks early but was completely healthy enough to come home, plus he weighed 7lbs. 14 oz. :). anyway, here are the videos. make sure you tunr your volume up. the first one is kaylee giggling:

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the next one is the girls kissing nd kaylee saying bankie (blankie):

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this last one is the girls saying various things, kelsey is first and then kaylee:

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i hope you enjoy. next time i will make sure they are better. have a great evening.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Where have I been???

well, since you asked, we have been back and forth from the dr.s. i know, i know, we are soooo full of surprises...lol. so, lets see. we left off on tuesday. I can't remember much about wendsday, so it must have been fairly uneventful. on thursday we had to go to portland to see the specialist about kaylee's tb. she was actually quit nice this time, probably because she had her charts!!! she still thinks it is probably more of a cousin of TB than actual tb, but still wants her on the medication to be sure. the girls were fine during the day, but come supper time, they were done. neither of them ate supper and screamed the rest of the night. kaylee is still on medication for her ears and kelsey had finished hers. kaylee did not want to swallow at all. i don't think she was being stubborn, i think it actually hurt too much to swallow. so, i had to fight with her to get it down, but we managed. kaylee woke up at 10:00 and was up for about a half hour, i then decided that it was probably going to be a long night so i went to bed. kelsey then woke up at midnight. daddy let me sleep and went in and held her for a while and then put her back down. kelsey was then back up at 1:00 so i took her downstairs, gave her some ear drops and motrin cold (they really do have colds). she went back to sleep around 1:30. at 5:00, kaylee was awake again. i gave her more ear drops and motrin and then she went back to sleep. i never did get back to sleep. they woke up around 7:30 screaming. i called the dr.s office and they made them an appt. for 10:30. we went down and sure enough, kelsey has another ear infection and kaylee's is only a tiny bit better. they also both have conjunctivitis. so, we left there with a prescription for ear drops, eye drops, and meds for kelsey (we decided to keep kaylee on hers and not change it again). so, our ritual for meds for the day goes like this. wake up ~ jordan gets singulair, kelsey and kaylee get ceftin (ear meds.), ear drops, and eye drops. at supper they get more ceftin, and then at bed time they get ear drops and eye drops plus kaylee gets INH for tb. they also get motrin and more ear drops when needed for the pain. i feel like such a bad parent that they are on soo many meds. part of me just wants to say forget it, but i know they will be in sooo much pain. when we were at the dr.s today, i was talking to one of them and i was saying how sick i was of coming down every other day and another one jokingly says "we're sick of seeing you". i said "i know, like i have nothing better to do". he said "well, we have to be here every day", and i said "yeah, but you get paid for it." he just laughed. i really do love the girls dr. office. they never make me feel like a nuisance. of course, every time i go down, they definitely have something going on, so they know i am not just the kind to cry wolf. i still feel like a frequent flyer though and i hate it. anyway, please pray that the girls start getting better. i am soooo tired. you had to ask where i've been didn't you???? lol. on to other news:
we have a ladies conference at the church tomorrow. i was looking forward to it, but if the girls are up all night again, i am not going. latoya is excited as she will be dressed as a princess and will be greeting people. even if i don't go, grammy will come and pick her up so she doesn't miss it. i am really hoping that they have a better night. it's not looking too good as they went to bed at around 8:30 and i have already heard them twice. they have gone right back to sleep both times, but that will only happen for so long.
here is a update on my cousin. the baby, whose name is haley, died of sids. visiting hours were yesterday and the funeral was today. my hubby had to work, but even if he didn't, i wouldn't have gone because i wouldn't be able to see a little baby in a casket like that. my mom went and said when they got to the visiting hours, that she noticed that the casket was empty and then she saw the mother holding her. she said she was rocking her and playing with her hair and hands. i would have lost it right there. at first, i thought that was kinda strange, but then i thought it seemed natural. as mothers, that is what we do. we rock them and cuddle them and comfort them. i think she is in shock, and who wouldn't be.
here is a link to the obituary:
she is definitely a beautiful baby. sorry to end on such a sad note, it just goes to show that when you think you have it bad, someone has it worse. a couple of prayer requests is for the girls health and also for this family. have a good night!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

A Busy November!

well, november is here. i am just realizing that it truly is november. life has been so chaotic lately. we were back at the dr.s office this afternoon for a asthma appt. for jordan. i was told to make one and then when i got there i was told everything i had been told the day before.....time well spent!!! what can you do??? anyway, getting on to the busy part of november. we have sooo many birthdays this month and most of them are immediate family! my mom's is the 18th, hubby's mom's is the 19th, hubby's is the 20th, and latoya's 8th and my sisters birthdays are on the 25th. we also have a couple of nieces and nephews between the 20th and the 25th. thankfully i am on a roll this year and am about done christmas shopping as well as birthday shopping with the exception of hubby who doesn't get anything. don't feel bad for him, i don't get anything either. we have too many other people to buy for, we can't afford to buy for ourselves, besides, who wants to celebrate getting older anyway???? we are approaching 30.....ugh!!!! i know we are old. anyway, not much else, just looking for some sympathy...lol.

on to a serious note: i have a prayer request. my cousin (i am not very close to him) and his wife had their second child about 2 mo. ago. this afternoon the little girl stopped breathing and passed away. nothing has been found as to what happened to her, but please pray for her family. i could not imagine dealing with the death of a child. please pray for comfort for them. that's all for tonight. have a great evening.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Another update :)

not to much to report. the home health nurse came today and she was actually quit pleasant. she said that the TB program was going to send me a $40 gas card for the running around i have been doing and also told me of a program that pays for the gas i use to go back and forth to the dr.s office. as much as we go to the dr.s office, that will be a big help. she thinks kaylee's lymph nodes on her jaw are getting smaller which is what i think as well. so, that is a good sign. anyway, right after she left we headed down to the dr.s office for rechecks. as i thought, kaylee's ears are not any better and may in fact be worse, so they changed her meds. kelseys are getting better. jordan is thought to truly have asthma and he was given two medications for that. he will take singulair from here on out and then have pulmicourt when he gets wheezing. i think his is more of an activity induced asthma. that is all as far as the medical aspect goes. doug and i went to the ymca tonight to check out the facilities and ended up joining. we are hoping to be able to go workout every monday night and thursday and then i will go an extra day or two when i get a chance. i like that we can just bring the kids with us and there is a sitter there. that will be nice. anyway, that is all for tonight. sorry, no pics this time. have a great evening. :)

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Eating Ice Cream & Other News :)

sorry it's been so long. it has been a very eventful few days. my days are so mixed up right now. here's a short version of what has been going on. on wendsday night we didn't go to church as latoya came home from school with a belly ache and headache. we called it an early night. on thursday night at around 10 p.m. (i think), kaylee woke up screaming and would not go back to sleep. i thought maybe she had an ear ache, but wasn't sure. i also didn't know if she was having a reaction to the INH medication she is on for the TB. like i said before, there are many side affects that she cannot tell me about. she had also hit her forehead about 3 hr.s before that and had a bump there so i wasn't sure if that had anything to do with it either. anyway, after talking mayself into it, i decided to call the dr. on call at the dr.s office. he called me right back and said that more than likely it had nothing to do with the meds. or the bump, but if she continued to cry for more than an hour, to bring her to the ER. i put some ear drops in (they numb the ear) and after about a half hour she was back asleep. i bet you can't guess what we did on friday??? yup, you guessed it, we were back at the dr.s office. sure enough she has a ear infection, actually a double ear infection. he said that she actually has puss in one ear and the other didn't look much better. so now, i have 3 of the 4 on meds. kelsey and kaylee get their ear ache meds in the morning, and then kaylee gets her INH at night and jordan gets his allergy/asthma (singulair) at night. thursday night when kaylee was crying was horrible. i was crying right along with her saying why can't i have normal, healthy kids!!!!! i don't understand it. it is so heart wrenching to hold your baby while she screams and you can't do anything for her because you don't know what's wrong with her!!!!! anyway, it must have been a good ear infection because even after two days on the meds, she still holds onto that ear and cries at night until i put the ear drops in. i also forgot to mention that the meds they had put kelsey on for her ear infection was giving her really watery diahrea, so they switched her to something else and now her and kaylee are on the same one. happier thought :) today we went swimming at the ymca. they have family open swim. it lasts one hour and the family gets in for $6. the kids had fun so i think we will do it every weekend when we have nothing else going on. on monday the home health nurse comes to check on kaylee and then i have to take the other three down to get rechecked at the dr.s. hopefully the girls ears will look better and we can find out where to go from her with jordan. i will keep you all updated. here are some cute pictures of the kids eating ice cream:


kaylee ~ this is how we eat ice cream when our hands are cold





kelsey ~ notice the corn on the cob sitting beside the cone. she took turns biting each! :)