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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Babies, Babies, and more Babies!!!

why is it that when one person gets pregnant, all of a sudden there is an outbreak? it's crazy around here, there is definitely something in the water. i think deep down i am glad that i cannot have anymore. i personally know of 9 people that are currently expecting within months of each other. there is my sister, my soon to be sister in law, two of my cousins wives/girlfriends, my cousin, and 4 women in my church (our church is not huge so these are friends, not just people i see in church). they are all due between may and august! of course as excited as i am for all of them, it really makes me want another one. i don't think i actually want another one though, if that makes sense. i loved being pregnant and am sad that i won't be able to experience that again. i think it is hitting a little harder now because my babies are soon to be toddlers! their birthday is this friday. we will be having their birthday party this saturday. i am dreading their birthday, i know it is only a day, but it really seems so real when they hit it. i didn't feel this bad on their first birthday, i think only because i was relived that the hardest part was basically over. now, they just keep growing up. it honestly is kind of depressing. i just want time to stand still for a year or so. anyway, as you can tell, this is a very touchy subject with me and perhaps why i have not wanted to update lately. i know some of these pregnant women are going to read this and i want them to know that i honestly am happy and excited for them, there is nothing like the birth of a child. i am just super emotional right now, who knows why(you can't tell, but the light is on in the stove)??? anyway, on to other news.

jordan (i am quit embarrassed to say that i cannot tell who is who from the back ~ i think it is kaylee(L), then kelsey)

there is really not much else to report. we got a new stove from freecylce. it's very nice and even better it was free. when grandpa and daddy got done setting it up, we were playing with all the buttons and found that the stove had a light, as you can tell, the three younger ones were soooo excited about that...lol.

well, that is about all for tonight. sorry it was not too interesting, i just needed to vent a little. my kids are growing up and i just don't like it. i think in the next week or so, we are going ot move from cribs to beds. i think if i was ready, that the girls would be ready to potty train. they love to sit on the posst and actually ask to and will tell me when they are done going in their diapers. i just am not ready yet. it is still really cold here plus our bathroom is upstairs, so we will wait a few month maybe, unless of course i get brave. my oldest daughter was potty trained right at 2 and was super easy so maybe they will be as well. anyway, good night. i will update later and have pics of their party on saturday.

p.s. we decided to stick with the train for their birthday. they really do share pretty well, plus my sister sent them home a kids trampoline that has a bar to hang on to so they can jump, which they absolutely love to do! so, i figure they can take turns with those. okay, good night!

i also wanted to say thank you to all of those who leave messages. i know that more people read these, but i really do appreciate actually hearing from the readers as well. thanks alot!

Monday, January 22, 2007

Just Ramblings

Toya, Jordan, Kelsey (L), and Kaylee (R)

first i want to say that i am sorry for not updating sooner, but if you look at my ebay, you will see that i have been quit busy listing auctions. i have 90 listed, plus i have some bigger clothing from my daughter and son that need to be listed still. on to other news, i am happy to report that there is really nothing to report. that sounds really good right now. i do have some cute info, but a important update first.

i just wanted to thank you for praying for our assistant pastor's wife kathi. she was given an antibiotic even though they were convinced that it was not an infection. well, it started to clear her lungs up and she went home the next day :)! she is due to have her next round of chemo this Wednesday, so please pray for her. this is very aggressive chemo and she is sooo tiny as it is that it makes her quit sick and weak. okay, here's the update from our house.

the girls are done their meds, besides kaylee's tb medication of course. their pneumonia seems to have cleared up nicely. jordan is also done with all of his as well. i am liking the one medication for kaylee and that is it. i know that winter is not over so they will probably be sick again, but i definitely needed a break from it, and it's been about a week now. it gave me enough time to get the majority of my ebay listed. on to some cute news.

i have noticed that whenever the girls look in a mirror or something like that, that they think it is "sissy" in the mirror. they don't see themselves. when i got to thinking about it, it made perfect sense. they are so used to seeing each other that a mirror is not really interesting or fun for them. they do the same thing if i show them pictures, they always say it is "sissy", like they can't tell the difference between the two of them. even the birthmark does not seem to make a difference to them. the first time i realized they were doing that i remember thinking how absolutely adorable it was. they are both so opposite in personality. kelsey wakes up happy, while kaylee wakes up grumpy. this makes it a little easier as i don't have two cranky girls at once. i almost said babies and realized that they are not babies anymore :(. they will be 2 in less than two weeks! i am quit upset about that. they are at such a fun stage that i don't want them to grow up anymore (just a little to get rid of all the sicknesses, then they can stop). anyway, about the crankiness. kaylee woke up from a nap in the van and was very cranky. kelsey woke up fine and was following kaylee around the house saying "it's okay sissy" and trying to hug and kiss her to make her feel better. as cute as i thought it was, it only mad kaylee mad. kaylee kept saying "NO" every time kelsey would tell her it was okay. kelsey is also the more clingy to mom and the tattletale. as soon as she learned to talk, she learned to tattle. now whenever her brother or sister hits her, she will come to me and say "brother hit me, or sissy kicked me", or tell on whatever they do. her vocabulary is quit extensive! kaylee is very open to other people. she is the daddy's girl, which could of resulted from kelsey being such a mommy's girl. she figures she'll get it from whoever she can (which makes me sad). her vocabulary is not quit as good as kelseys, but i attribute that to the fact that kelsey never gives her a chance to talk. anyway, they have a appt. coming up on feb.5, so i will let everyone know their stats and how they are doing then, as well as a birthday update. here are some pictures of just how different they are. kelsey is the messier of the two when it comes to eating, and here are the pictures to prove it (they had the same thing). also, i know it is lunch time and they are still in their pj's, but we didn't have anywhere to go and they were just going down for a nap anyway. okay, here's the pics:
Kelsey ~ aka messy :)

Kaylee ~ aka clean :)

here's some pics of the girls in their new gymboree outfits! i can never find anything that exciting for jordan, but he doesn't care.

Toya with Kaylee (L) and Kelsey (R) aren't all of their outfits adorable!

Kaylee (L) and Kelsey (R) Kaylee (L) and Kelsey (R)
Little Miss Attitude ~ Kelsey Faith
Little Miss Personality ~ Kaylee Grace

i would like some opinions on this next thing. i have struggled with what to get the girls for their birthday this year. while shopping, i came across a great deal (regular 129.99 and got it for 64.00 on clearance) on a peg perego santa fe express ride on train set. i think the girls will love it and the whole way home they were saying "chugga chugga choo choo". my question, is this too boyish??? also, for other twin parents, do you think it's okay for them to share a present? here is a link to it on the walmart.com website: http://www.walmart.com/catalog/product.do?product_id=3661057

okay, my ramblings are over. i hear thumping upstairs which means the girls are out of bed and ready to come down stairs. here are the pics of the girls with santa, i had posted jordans already, but i am just getting the girls back now so i thought i would share. i think the twins really loved santa, don't you??? lol

Kaylee (L) and Kelsey (R) ~ i'm not sure santa enjoyed it too much either :)

Toya and Santa (sorry, didn't realize how messy her face was)

i hope you enjoyed the post and all the pics. here are some more cute pics! have a great week!

Kaylee trying on mom's shoes

Kelsey (bottom of the pic) saw i was taking a picture and came running in saying cheese!They really do love each other~Kaylee(L) and Kelsey(R)

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Very short but important post!

i mentioned a while ago about our assistant pastor's wife kathi. she was diagnosed with breast cancer and has been going through chemo. she has had a battle with it for the last week. she is currently in the hospital after having trouble breathing during the night last night. she has been told that she has some spots on her lungs. they do not beleive it is to do with a cold or anything like that. they are doing lots of tests. her site with updates is the first one listed as blogs i read. i will link here as well. she has 4 kids, 3 girls and one boy. her and her family would definitely appreciate your prayers. even if she doesn't know you, feel free to leave comments on her site if you feel like it. anything to keep her spirits up and to let her know that people are praying for her. her site will be updated as more news comes in. here is a link to her site http://kathi-pink-ribbon-friends.blogspot.com/.

on to other news, my sister had her first appt. for her pregnancy today. they got to see the baby's heart rate. i asked her why they didn't ask him to turn the volume up so they could hear it as well and she said that she didn't know that she could. oh the things you learn with your first baby. she said she will try to scan the pictures that she got of the baby and if she does, then i will post them if she says it is okay. she also said that the technician said that her baby had a big head but it should even out later....lol.

last but not least, in the next couple of days, i will be starting to list all of my twin girl clothing. all of my auctions start out at .25. you only pay actual shipping. it is the highest shipping plus $1.00 for each additional auction won. i will do whatever possible to ship as cheap as possible. please check out my auctions. i have alot of good items up for auction. here is a link that i think will take you to where my auction are. right now i have 22 auctions up and running and will have many more over the next two days including shoes. here is the link. http://search.ebay.com/_W0QQsassZds4nierQQhtZ-1

i know, it's not a very interesting post, but things that i wanted to share. thanks for reading.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

And a Happy Birthday to Me!

Latoya, Kelsey, Kaylee, and Jordan

well, i know once again it has been an eternity. of course once again we have been in the dr.s office about 4-5 times since i last updated. jordan got double ear infections, and both of the twins were diagnosed with pneumonia within a couple of days of each other. last mnoday i brought jordan in to have his ears checked as he had been up the whole night before crying that his ears hurt. we went in and sure enough he had double ear infections, then last tuesday i brought kaylee to the dr. thinking she had an ear infection. they had been having alot of drainage fron their ears which i beleived was the tubes doing what they were supposed to do. it really was quit nasty to wake up to every morning. basically it looked like what you would expect to be coming out of your nose when you have a very bad sinus infection. anyway, i had called the dr.s office last sunday and was told that i was right, it was the tubes doing what they were meant to do, but if it didn't clear up in a couple of days then to bring them in. well, monday went by and kelsey's ears cleared up nicely, but kaylee's remained nasty. on tuesday morning, kaylee woke up and was very lethargic, didn't want to do aything but lay down and sleep. she wouldn't eat or drink, and she was running a fever. i remember thinking while she was sleeping on me that she was breathing fast, but i didn't think too much about it. anyway, i made her an appt. for that afternoon for an ear infection i beleived. we checked in and were called shortly. of course all were happy to see the girls. he checked her ears first and said although she had swimmers ear, she did not have an infection. he then listened to her chest and said that she had pneumonia. i was shocked. i never expected to hear that. she was put on medication. we had already planned on doing something with the kids for my birthday so we went ahead and bought tickets on the amtrak train and planned on going to boston, ma. to the new england aquarium. i was so excited for the kids to see all the animals. our train was to leave on thursday (jan-11, my b-day) at 12:50 p.m. i kept thinking that kelseys cough just didn't sound right, so on thursday morning, i ran her to the dr.s office. sure enough, she too had pneumonia. they are both on meds and on the nebulizer once again. we decided that since we had already spent $80 on train tickets that we would go anyway. the kids had a blast on the train. we had the entire car to ourselves and they had the freedom to roam. the twins did not enjoy it as much as the older two. who knew that trains did not have seatbelts. how are you supposed to keep two~two year olds sitting in their seats with no seatbelts for 2 1/2 hrs. anyway, i'm not sure i would do it again. we got to boston and then proceeded to take two subways to the aquarium. we got there only to learn that they were closing an hour early so we would only have 45 mins. i wasn't about to pay $55 for 45 mins. thankfully they had a outside tank with some seals in it and the kids loved the 15 min. we spent watching them. our train was supposed to head back at 6:20, so we took the subways back to the station, ate supper, and boarded the train for the 2 1/2 hr. ride back. anyway, the kids really enjoyed all the train rides and didn't even care that they didn't get to see the other animals. overall, it was a pretty good day. the girls are getting better altouhght their cough remains, just not as severe. that is about all there is for news. i hope you enjoy the pictures! here are some pictures of the kids on the train and then just some cute one's of the twins with their "pretty's" in:

Jordan and Toya
Kaylee and Kelsey (same order for the rest as well)

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

WOW, It's Been A LONG Time!!! (sorry so long)

Our Christmas Tree with Too Many Presents!

i'll apologize now as this is going to be quit lengthy with lots of pictures. i don't even know really where to begin. i have not gotten to update the blog in a long time. it started with a surprise visit from my sister, sarah, and her husband, john, from n.c. i am the oldest of three. my sister sarah is 13 mo. younger than me and we are super close. and then jessica is 4 years younger and in college in indiana (we have gotten closer as she has gotten older). for the first time in 4 years we were all together for christmas. not only did sarah surprise us with a visit, but also with the news that they are expecting their first baby!!!!! yeah, i'm gonna be an auntie!!!! :) i am soooo excited. i don't think i showed it very much while she was here, but i really am excited. i have several neices and nephews on my hubby's side, but most were already here and half grown by the time i married into the family. this is just different. this baby will be my first niece/nephew on my side!!! :) she is due august 19th as of right now. she goes for her first dr. appt. on jan.10th. i personally think she is going to have a boy as does her hubby. i also used the ancient chinese birth gender chart on her and it said she was going to have a boy as well so we will see. in case you are interested, here is a link to the chart. it was right for all 3 of my pregnancys (it doesn't do twins, but it said girl for the twins, it just didn't say two :) ) http://mypage.direct.ca/j/jfeng/gender.htm. she nanny's for 4 girls so i think a boy is in order. anyway, on to other news.

christmas went great. the kids got more toys then they will ever need. the twins really liked it this year and were old enough to get the concept. of course, every toy they opened, they immediately wanted out of the box, so christmas took a little longer this year. here are a few pics from christmas:
Jordan with his favorite toy (a huge fire truck)

Toya with hers (both toys just happned to be from auntie sarah....hmmm)

Kelsey(top) and kaylee(bottom) couldn't wait to ride their bikes, so they rode them in the box! :)

Daddy making room AGAIN for more trash!

The girls in the trash box (kaylee front and kelsey back)

kelsey with a bow :)

shortly after christmas, the twins became quit sick. of course it started out as a cold and then turned to croup, as well as conjunctivitis because of all the junk. of course we went to get antibiotics and they were put on a nebulizer as well as amoxicillian. these did not go well with the inh that kaylee take for the tb. both kelsey and kaylee immediately got really bad diahrea and then kaylee also got a yeast infection from all the meds. through the course of that, jordan also became quit sick. for the past three days, three of the four have been on a nebulizer every 4 hours. this definitely made things quit interesting. the girls finally got the hang of it. the first few times they would scream as soon as they saw it and until it was over (10-15 min. per girl). towards the end they would just sit and watch cartoons while wearing the mask. thankfully the twins are all done now and are alot better. here are some pics of the twins with the masks, they looked so cute and grown up that i had to take pics:

Kelsey Kaylee
Daddy and the girls (kelsey~left and kaylee~right)

jordan welcomed the new year with a bang by throwing up on me. he has since been running a fever between 102 and 103 as well as coughing. we went to the dr. today who was sure that is was strep because his throat was very red and his glands were extremely swollen. she was surprised to find his strep test negative. she did a couple of tests and came back with nothing, so he is thought to have just a very strong virus. he seemed to be coming out of it a little tonight after literally staying in bed all day. hopefully we are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

last but not least, we had a birthday party/family get together on saturday. we were celebrating my grandmothers birthday(my mom's mom) and the new year as well. no one thought she would be around to see another year, but once again she proved us and the dr.s wrong. she is the mom of nine children, the oldest being my mom and the youngest being my uncle who is actually 6 mo. younger than me, yes, that means that my mom and my grandmother were pregnant at the same time with my mom giving birth to her first before my grandmother gave birth to her last. (i know, i thought it was weird too) :). here are some pics:

My Grammy

Grammy with 8 of her kids (the youngest wasn't there)Grammy with (left to right) Me, Sarah (middle sis), Jess (younger sis), and my momGrammy with me and the kids
Grammy with the grand kids ~ 14 were there (one is hiding in the back). the youngest is 3 (not in the pic) and the oldest is me at almost 29.
Great grandkids (the two adults have great grandkids in their bellies, plus one more in a belly that couldn't be there) ~ 4 of the kids are mine :) the youngest is the baby boy at 3 mo.(i think) and the oldest is my daughter latoya at 7, plus there are three waiting to be born.

and here are just a couple of cute pics, like you haven't seen enough...lol:

toya's hair done curtesy of auntie jess

kaylee (left) and kelsey (right) in sweatshirts curtesy of auntie jess as well

well, that is all for the update. hopefully it won't be so long between updates this time. i hope you enjoy the post. thank you for reading. if you made it this far, all i can say is WOW...lol :)