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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Help ~ They're Escaping and other News!! :)





okay, so this afternoon i go to lay the girls down for a nap before we go to the campground for halloween and i head back downstairs. about 5 mins. later, i hear..thump...thump. at first i am not too concerned, i just thing they are throwing things out of their cribs, and then i hear...footsteps. i go upstairs and sure enough, they are both out of their cribs and happily playing with the toys in their room. i put them back in bed and then go downstairs. 2 min. later i hear it again...thump....thump, and then...footsteps. i go back up and put them back in bed. they then decided it was in their best interest to go to sleep. so, now i need two crib tents to keep them from escaping. of course they are $60 new and $30 or more on ebay, which we can't afford. my fear is that they will climb out wrong and fall on their heads or figure out how to open the door and tumble down the stairs, so if anyone knows of someone who has one and doesn't need it or know where i can get one or two REAL cheap, please let me know. on to other news:

today we went to the campground for the halloween party. it was alot of fun for the kids, but is always hard for me and hubby to go out there ever since his dad died back in dec. you just expect him to be sitting in his blue chair in the screenhouse or to come walking out of the camper...and he doesn't. we used to go out ever thursday but i think this was actually only the second time we have gone out all season, it is just too painful. We are thankful that he accepted Jesus into his heart a few days before he died, so we know we will see him again someday. it doesn't make it a whole lot easier right now though. we got to see hubby's side of the family, so that was good. we feel soo left out from them. they all get together and we are very rarely invited. i think it is because we are soo different, i go to church and i don't drink or smoke and they do, so i think it is just uncomfortable for all and my hubby works and would probably not be able to go anyway, but it still hurts. we are the last to hear about anything that is going on. i love all of his family, no matter what, they are my family too. i regret that the twins will never get to really know their grampy. he was a wonderful, hard working man, and my hubby is just like him. we love you grampy and miss you everyday. anyway, this is not supposed to be a sad post, but the campground brought back soo many memories.

so, anyway. i wasn't sure how the girls would do at the campground since whenever we go to walmart, they scream when we even go near the halloween isle. i thought for sure they would flip out when they saw kids dressed up in scary costumes and masks, but they never cried. the only time they cried was when grammy took away their bags of candy because they were eating wrappers and all!! they also got to do a pinata:



while we were out there, we also got to see Irene, the kids adopted grammy. we miss irene alot and don't get to see her too often. the kids love her like a grammy too. hopefully we can find a way to see her more often, we just have so many people to see and hubby only really has one day off a week, so it is extremely hard to see everyone. no one makes it a point to come and visit us. here is a pic of the kids with irene. kylee is the little girl in white:

Friday, September 29, 2006

Early Halloween for the Big Kids Too!

Jordan and Latoya

Jordan ~ He's a Fireman

Latoya ~ she's a woodland fairy

so, i figured it was only fair to take some pictures of the bigger kids as well :). Latoya is a woodland fairy, i'm not sure what that is, but i thought the costume was cute and it looks good on her. i planned for the twins to be the same thing, but i didn't plan on latoya and jordan both wearing yellow and black and i actually just noticed it tonight when they tried on their costumes. i think it's cute especially for not planning it!
okay, more on the tb thing. i was actually just informed that there is a lady in our church that has nursery every sunday morning that went overseas in may??? maybe we have a clue as to where it came from. that is one of the first things they ask you about when you get a positive result, if you or anyone you are around has gone overseas recently. it may not be, but i guess we will find out. i also found out that i HAVE to have a public health nurse come once a week to my house. i don't have a choice. i'm not happy with this, but only because i am a very private person. i have nothing to hide, i just don't like strangers coming into my house. the good thing is that she will be able to keep an eye on kaylee and be able to tell if things are getting better or worse. she knows what she is looking for. it also looks like we may all have to be tested again. she said that most dr. offices do not do the tests right. she also said that we will test kelsey again in 6 weeks as opposed to a few months to make sure that she does not have it. i am more comfortable with that. she was real curious about the lymph nodes on kaylee as that is a sign of active tb, but her chest x-rays showed her to be inactive. i don't know, she will be coming by on monday so i will talk to her more then. if i have time...lol, i can get a list of questions ready for her.
i had to go pick up kaylee's medicine last night and my hubby was home (he has monday nights off and all day thursdays) so i left the twins and my older daughter with him. when i came home, i said "what happened, this house is a mess", he says i know, i have picked it up three times since you were gone (i was gone for 1 hr.). he said every time i picked up, they (twins) came right behind me and took everything back out again. i said "now you know what i do all day" :). of course, i wouldn't want to do his job as much as he wouldn't want to do my job. i love my job, and the pay is great (playing with the kids, hugs and kisses). it is definitely hard work though. who would have ever thought staying home all day would be sooo tiring??? it's not that i can't get enough sleep, it's that i stay up too late. all 4 of my kids go to bed at 7:30 and if there is no school, they are up at 9 a.m., if there is school, then i get them up at 6:45 a.m. so i could get the sleep, but then i wouldn't see my hubby at all. he leaves for work at 6:30 a.m. and then doesn't get home will 11:30 p.m. so i stay up and wait for hime to come home so i can spend some time with him. the kids only get to see him on monday nights, he gets out at 4:30 p.m. and then on thursdays when he has the full day off! it's a rough schedule, but he doesn't mind it at all, when the kids all go to school, i will get a job to help so he can see the kids more and we can spend more time as a family. anyway, enough about that.
i guess that is all for now, it still seems like there is something else i was going to write about, but once again, it has slipped my mind. thanks for reading, i hope you are enjoying this as much as i am enjoying writing it. :)

Thursday, September 28, 2006

More on the Girls!

Well, Kaylee started her medication today...finally! She should have started last week, but I was told they would call when the medication was ready and we were never called. Someone from CDC (Center for Disease Control) called today and asked alot of questions and then asked about if Kaylee had gotten her medication, when I told her no, she was quit upset and called the Dr.s office. Turns out that the Dr.s office faxed the order to The Medicine Shoppe in Lewiston and then called it into them yesterday as well. It's a long story, but after alot of angry people, including me, the cdc, and the dr.s office, she finally got her medication. It looks like all babies in the nursery as well as the nursery workers are going to need to be tested per the cdc. I'm kinda glad someone else tested positive so it's not just because of my kid. there are a few that are flipping out over it and being all paranoid, but there is nothing you can do about it. i guarantee the person who has it doesn't even know they have it, it's not like they are doing it on purpose. there are also some who want to keep their kids from church and from going around certain people which is rediculous because even if they are active, it is already too late. It's not worth worrying about, what are you going to do about it??? i think some people just hear tb and forget to think. i'll keep everyone updated!

at the dr.s office i mentioned about getting kelsey tested again to make sure she really is negative and they said okay, but they can't do it for a couple of months because she may get a false positive if tested too close together. It seems like there was something else i was going to write about. but i am sooo exhausted that i can't think straight. i will write more later.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006


I just wanted to do a quick update on the TB tests. Myself and my hubby have come back negative as well as my parents. We were beginning to winder that maybe Kaylee had somehow gotten a false positive result, but at church tonight, another mom who's son is a little older than the girls said that her son has also tested positive. We may be able to find the active person after all. She doesn't know if he is active or inactive yet, but atleast we can be pretty sure that Kaylee indeed does have it. Now the wondering begins about if Kelsey especially has received a false negative. I just wish there was a way to know 100% for sure. The girls have a follow up appt. for their last ear infections tomorrow, so I will ask about the chances of a false negative while I am there. I also have discovered that Kelsey has two lumps behind her left ear. For those who remember, that is why we started testing Kaylee for things was because of the two lumps in front of her ear. Maybe it's just some weird twin thing. I am planning on asking about those as well. These Dr.s are going to get sick of me, but they love the girls!!! They all know them by name...go figure. Could it be because we go there so often?????

I said in the beginning that i wasn't sure how often I would update as I wasn't sure there would always be something to write about, but with four kids, i think it will pretty much get updated daily. we will see.

Latoya went on her field trip to the apple orchard today, she had a good time so now we have plenty of apples between her and Jordan. Of course Jordan eats them like they are going out of style and the twins like them when i let them have them. Anyway, that is the update for today :) No new pictures, sorry.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Early Halloween and Other News :)


Kaylee (L) and Kelsey (R)


there's a halloween party at a camp we used to go to this weekend so i tried the girls costumes on to make sure they fit with all their clothing under them. they looked soo cute that i had to take some pictures. here are more on latoya and jordan:

jordan will be going to pick apples and go on a hayride today with his preschool. he is very excited as he loves apples!! he is doing soo good in preschool, alot better than i expected. he has really only had one bad day and that was because he didn't want to pick up and go do his work. i asked him why he didn't obey and he said very matter of factly "i wanted to play". that was a couple of weeks ago and he has not had a problem again. i told him that when his teacher says to pick up, he needs to see if he can pick up all his toys and be the first one back at the table. that seemed to work well. he is also very excited that his class will be going on a field trip in a couple of weeks to the fire station. anyone who knows jordan, knows how much he loves fire trucks and trains!!! must be because daddy is a firemen. he asks every morning if this is the day they go to the fire station.

latoya is latoya. she is a very big help with the twins and likes it for the most part. school is going pretty good for her. she is in second grade, her struggles are with math. it is definitely not one of her strong points. we are working on it. she has not had any behavioral issues and is a very quiet person, except at home and when fighting with her brother. she used to be alot quieter, but i think because she has to be quiet at school, she lets it all go at home. she really is a big help. she had a dream on sunday night that i was taken to jail so when it came time for bed last night she didn't want to go because she thought i was going to get taken to jail while she was asleep. i tried to find out what i was being taken in for, but she couldn't remember. she slept fine after a little reassurance. that's all for now, enjoy the pics.

also, i have a prayer request. one of our assistant pastor's wife is having surgery today. it is a ten hour surgery with 5 hours of recovery. she will then be in intensive care for 4-5 days i think. she has a husband and 4 kids, so please pray that things go well and especially pray for her family. there is a link to her site under blogs i read, it is kathi's site. there will be updates as often as the church gets them.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Pofessional Pics of the Girls ~ 19 mo.

Kaylee and Kelsey,

Kaylee sitting on Kelsey

Kaylee sitting and Kelsey standing



okay, this will be my last post of the day. i just wanted to post the professional pics we finally got done of the girls. these were supposed to be their one year pictures, but were done just a little late. jordan will have his 4 yr. ones done on thursday and toya's 8 yr. ones will be done at school in october. i will update as we get them.


most already know this, but one of our twins has been diagnised with the non-active tb. it started about 2-3 mo. ago when we discovered a lump on her jawline, she was put on medication for a infected lymph node. when we returned to the dr. office to get it rechecked, we discovered another lump a little farther downb the jawline. we were referred to a E.N.T. (ear, nose, throat specialist) because of the location of the lump. we were told that he thought it was cat scratch disease, but we do not own any cats so we had the test, which came back negative. we were then given the ppd test for tuberculosis. she came back positive. we went and had the chest x-ray and the liver test to determine if she was active or inactive and thankfully she came back inactive. as of right now, it looks like she will be on antibiotics for 6-9 mo. and that should take care of it. we had the other three kids tested and they were all negative. my hubby and i will be tested today to make sure we do not have it. she had to get it from someone who is active so we want to make sure that is not us.
for anyone who knows us and knows the girls, you know that back in february they had a ton of ear infections and were on many different medications. because of that they developed antibiotic colitis. that is really our only concern with the tb, that she will get a recurrrance of that because she will be on the antibiotic for so long. we will keep everyone updated.

New Blog

i am going to attempt ot keep a blog. i am not sure how it will work or how often it will be updated, but here goes.
first lets start with the basics, i am a stay at home mom to 4 beautiful kids. Latoya, Jordan, and identical twin girls Kelsey and Kaylee. Life is usually very hectic, but it is the way i like it. my husband and i have been married for 8 years. he works 2 full time jobs so i can stay at home with my kids. this is our life in a very small nutshell.