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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Happy 10th Birthday Latoya!

This is going to a very quick update! I am hoping to do a longer one with pics tomorrow, but don't hold your breath! Today is Toya's 10th Birthday! There is no way I have a 10 yr. old. It's absolutely unheard of. Where did the time go?? I am SOOOO old! Anyway, today was very low key, we had a little party for her at my mom's, just cake and ice cream. She will be having a party for her school friends on Dec. 13th. I still can't beleive she is 10, maybe if I write it a few more times, it will sink in....lol. We as always have been busy. November is one of the worse months for us, because we have a ton of birthdays.....the same every year. My mom's is the 18th, doug's mom's is the 19th, doug's is the 20th, and toya's and my sister jessica's are the 25th. CRAZY! Plus there are a couple of neices and nephews and other close relatives in the same time frame. Anyway, I'm glad they are over, now Christmas here we come!

Here's some more exciting news.....I am going to be an auntie again! My sister Sarah is pregnant again and due about July. I can't wait because this time they live only about 10 min. from us and not half way around the world!!! Grayson is going to be a big brother. This too is hard to beleive! WOW!

Ok, I am going to end with this. Everyone knows times are tough right now, so, to buy Christmas gifts for the kids, I listed several twin auctions on ebay. Feel free to go check them out. Here is the link

I hope you all have a very happy Thanksgiving! Look tomorrow for pics nd a longer update on what we have been up to.