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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Poll & Blog Subscribe

i have added a couple of things on my blog. the first is a poll. the second is underneath the poll. you put in your email address and you will get notified everytime i update my blog. anyway, that is all for now. i will have a update this weekend or probably monday night as we have a busy holiday weekend planned. we are taking the downeaster train to the new england aquarium on saturday morning. the train leaves at 7:10 am, so we have to be up and out of the house by 5:15 am. on sunday, doug has a firemen's muster, and then on monday is a parade. i'm sure i will have tons of pictures! have a great holiday weekend and don't forget to vote in my poll!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

First Day of School!

before i post this, i just wanted to let you all know that this is the third post i have put up today, so check below for the other two :).

okay, today was the first day of school. toya woke up and said to me, "do you think i will do good in third grade?" i said of course you will and don't worry about it, it's only your first day! she was very excited to wear her new dress from grammy and her new shoes from auntie sarah and uncle john. she looked very grown up. here is her picture:

jordan was very excited for his first day of kindegarten! i didn't cry, but i did get a little weepy when i saw him sitting at his big boy desk! i can't beleive how grown up he has become. i think it made it a little easier that he went to preschool last year. it really seems that within the past week, he actually turned into a kindegartener (is that a word?). anyway, he did very well and looked so handsome. the shirt was from grammy (the pants were too short), and the shoes were from auntie sarah and uncle john. here is his picture:

so, one day down and lots to go! :)

here are the girls in their dora pj's from auntie sarah and uncle john. they love them and have worn them several times!

ok, in case you haven't figured it out yet, we have decided to wait to potty train the girls. they showed a ton of signs that they are ready, but a few that they are not. i have decided i am not in a hurry. they are my last kids and it won't kill them or me to keep them in diapers for a little while longer.

i think i have also decided to forgo my trip to north carolina. as much as i want to go see grayson, i talked to my sister and she said i should just stay home. she says i will miss my kids too much and will be miserable. although i do agree with that, i think i would make it. so, i guess i will have to wait to see grayson on thanksgiving just like everyone else. i keep going back and forth, and i have waited so long now that i probably couldn't get a good price on a ticket anyway.

so, that is all for this post. check out the other two posted today! have great week!

Very Busy Monday!

well, we started off moday with a couple of haircuts for school. jordan needed one as his was too long (he goes to a private school). for toya, we just got her hair trimmed a couple of inches. jordan's was cut quit a bit. here is a picture of jordan's cut:

after the hair cuts, we went to the dr.s office. kelsey had been complaining off and on since friday that her ear was hurting. sure enough she had another ear infection. she was given drops and seems to be doing better.

after the dr. appt., we went back home to get daddy so we could try to go to aquaboggan again. while we were gone, our new fridge was FINALLY delivered. it has been on back order for 4 mo. now, so we were VERY excited to finally get it. did i mention that we got it for free. yes, a brand new fridge for free. in the state of maine, we have a program where they will replace a fridge if it uses too much electricity, and you qualify by the income limits, then they get you a brand new fridge, and take care of your old one. so, here is out new fridge (can you tell how excited i am):

after they left and we had lunch, we headed to aquaboggan. i told the kids the rule that they had to try everything atleast once (within reason), and if they didn't want to ever go on it again, they didn't have to. the first one they went on, was the biggest one there. jordan barely met the height requirements. this is one that i would not have forced them to go on, but they were both excited to go on it. on this one, they drop you and then you go back and forth till you follow the path into the pool. needless to say, the rest of the slides were not a problem for either of them. they also had a man made ocean which they enjoyed. the girls liked the little toddler play area and would have stayed there all day. auntie jess came with us too. here is a slideshow of the water park:

the water park closed at 6 pm. we headed for home and then stopped at applebee's for supper. every monday from 5-8, kids eat free. we went and had a awesome supper for $20 for 6 of us. it made for a great day before going back to school.

after we headed home. we were welcomed by a flood as soon as we opened the door. we called out landlord and he came over. turns out that the flap on the toilet stayed open and that is what flooded the downstairs. luckily it was a easy fix and the damage was not too bad.

so, that is all for this post!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

A Princess Party & A Baby Shower!

to start, on thursday morning, mrs. kelley (jordan's and the twins preschool teacher) came by with 5 free passes to aquaboggan (a water park). we decided since it was doug's day off that we would go. it wasn't very warm, but it wasn't raining either. we drove an hour to get up there and it was closed!!! we met someone in the parking lot who said they closed because it was too cloudy! oh well, so, we went back home. the kids were quit dissapointed as we were not sure we would be able to fit it in to go again (passes had to be used by labor day and school was starting on the 28th). we definitely want to say thank you to mrs. kelley. she also gave us tokens for the bumper boats and go carts as well.

on saturday, i took toya to the princess party at doodlebugs. she felt a little weird as it was mostly young girls. it was cute and she got to paint a princess piggy bank and make a craft. we stayed for a little bit of story time, but it really was geared more towards the younger children. it was supposed to last from 10-noon, but we ended up leaving at 11 and going out to lunch. she still had fun though. here are some pictures:

after we ate, we then went to aunt sherry and tom's house (doug's sister and brother in law) for a welcome shower for baby rilee. it was basically a family get together with a baby shower type thing thrown in for rilee (she is 4 mo. old). it was VERY hot that day and the humidity was aweful! thankfully they had a pool and the kids went in and some of the adults. it turned out really well, and everyone seemd to enjoy themselves. rilee (the only baby in pics) got lots of clothes, so she should be all set for a while! :) here is a slideshow of the get together/welcome shower:

just a little funny story, as we pulled into our driveway on sunday night, kelsey looked in the driveway and said "where's daddy's vehicle?" it was soo funny, where did she get vehicle from? we always say cars, trucks, etc., not look at so and so's vehicle. their vocabulary is obviously growing by leaps and bounds!

Friday, August 24, 2007

Playground & Getting Ready For School!

a couple of days ago, we went to a park. the kids enjoyed it although it is a older wooden one. i was so afraid they would get splinters! so, here are the pictures from the park:

it seems as though someone thought it was necessary to grow up a little before school started. jordan decided about 4 days ago that he needed to ride a bike with no training wheels. he didn't want any help learning, he did it completely by himself! he loves it, he rides all the time now. he is still a little unsteady, but is getting the hang of it. he only let me hang on twice (per my asking him if i could) and he was off from there. he has also learned to wipe himself, he could have learned that a long time ago, but i was not ready. i'd rather do it myself and know that he is clean, then have him get it all over his hands (he is going to hate me for putting that on here). it just amazes me since it seemingly was overnight that he decided to become a really big boy!

we also had him tested for occupational therapy today. during preschool, we noticed a couple of things, like writing with both hands, and not being able to choose. therewere a couple of other things too, so we tohught it was best to have him tested. i wish i could say that he passed, but he did not. he failed the 3 sections of the test, not by alot, but enough to qualify for services. i am actually quit excited, because i love the place he will be going. normally they do it in the school they are going too, but because he is going to a private school, i have to drive him there. he was excited and really enjoyed his teacher there. she was very good and was excited to have him. she said she couldn't beleive how good and VERY well behaved he was. why do they behave so well when other people are at home, but when they are home, they fight like cat's and dog's??? anyway, he scored at a 4 yr. old level on fine motor skills (using both hands is a big thing there) and then something to do with his brain telling him to do something and he has to think to hard to do it (can't remember what it is called). he will go once a week, and she said that he will be caught up, and a whole new boy within a year! i am very excited about that! i have also decided to have the twins evaluated as well that way we can catch it early if there is something. i haven't noticed anything with them, but better to be safe then sorry! we start therapy for jordan on sept. 6th.

on the way to jordan's evaluation, we noticed that they very same playground we played at the night before, was gone!! sometimes in the morning, they had torn it down! it was very shocking to see. i am assuming they are going to put a new and improved playground up. we'll see.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


tonight we went to check out a new place called doodlebugs, we went with some friends from church, gina and her kids, and had a pretty good time. it is a pottery place where you can pick something out and paint it.. you then have to leave it for about 4 days so they can "fire" it. the kids had fun even though she did not have alot of things to choose from. we also brought cousin kylie with us since the three girls get along really well. i debated for a couple of days on whether to bring the twins, i decided to bring them, but also to bring auntie jess in case things didn't go well with them. once we got down there, i decided that they would not do well with the painting. they are still a little young.. they did pretty well just waiting for everyone to get done. my advice, don't take anyone under the age of 4. the lady was not very kid friendly either. for having a kids place like that, i kinda expected her to be good with children, but she wasn't at all. they have a special thing coming up on saturday called a princess party. i think i am going to take latoya there by herself on saturday. they are going to have "cinderella" come in and she is going to read a story, they are going to do a craft, and have a snack, as well as do another pottery project. it will be nice to do something with her by herself. they are having a polar express party in dec. that i will take jordan to by himself as well. this is also where i beleive i will be doing toya's birthday party in november. well, i think that is about all. here is a slide show from tonight. sorry they are blurry, i think i need new batteries in my camera:

Monday, August 20, 2007

Update on Potty Training :(

ok, so potty training is not going to well. two girls and two accidents and no one peeing on the potty. anyway, i think i am going to call it quits, but only till next week. i am finding that since there are two of them that i really need 2 potties (they were sharing one). i also need to find some rubber pants as my whole house will smell like urine with two of them peeing everywhere :). i had looked at walmart and kmart for them but can't find any, so i found some on ebay that i will need to bid on and wait for them to get here. the other plus is that the older two start school next tuesday, so i will have more time to put into potty training them while they are at school. the good thing is that the girls love their undies, and don't mind sitting on the potty. we'll see what happens next week after the rubber pants get here.

Maine Wildlife Park & The Balloon Festival!

well, on saturday we had a very busy day. last sunday my sister got head butted by a little boy in cubbies and couldn't open her mouth more than an inch all week. she could barely eat anything and was in alot of pain. since my parents are in n.c. visiting my other sister and their new grandson (and jess doesn't have her license), i ended up bringing her to the dr.s for 9 am on saturday morning. they said that when she got head butted, she must have jerked her head back and pulled a muscle on the left side of her neck and jaw. she is feeling much better now, but the pain lasted a week!

anyway, right after that we headed to the maine wildlife park. this farm is basically like a small zoo, they take animals that have been found injured and bring them here to recuporate and then they set most of them free. we met with my old highschool friend, miranda, and her two kids. miranda's sister dani and her two boys met us there as well. i thought we had a great tim, it was nice for jordan to actually have some boys his age to hang out with too. while we were there, they had a dog demenstration. to be honest, i think all of the kids enjoyed the dog demenstration more than walking around and seeing the other animals. for the demenstration, they were showing how they train bird hunting dogs (or atleast that's what we think they were teaching), they had a bird tied to a string (i know it sounds mean and that is what we thought too), and the dogs are supposed to be trained not to attack the bird, but instead point their nose and tail towards it and stay still till their owner gets there. all of the dogs, except one, tried to eat the bird (none of them were successful though). one dog sat still and let them put the bird on his back and never tried to eat it, that was pretty cool. after they were done, the kids were allowed to go and see the dogs and play with them. first they all ran to where the bird was to see that it was ok. :) as you will see in one of the pics, they liked playing on the ramp used for the demenstration, they would go up one side and slide down the other. they also enjoyed the dogs! so, here is the slideshow (i didn't label the pictures as it would take too long):

after the farm, we went back home for about 2 hours and then headed back downtown. we went to pick up "aunt" sue and then went to mcdonalds for supper. after supper, we went to the great falls balloon festival. we were quit dissapinted (but understood) when they did not let any balloons up because of the wind. they were supposed to have a moon glow at 8 pm (the launching was supposed to be at 6pm, so we had two hours to kill), so we decided to wait and watch that. the moonglow usually involves a couple of balloons setting up and blowing their balloons up at dark so they light up (they don't take off). while we were waiting, we went to a nearby park to let the kids play. we weren't impressed with the park as it wasn't in the best part of town, but the kids enjoyed it. after, we headed to go see great grammy keene as she lives right around the corner. she was happy to see the kids and the kids were happy to eat all of her cucumbers....lol. they do like visinting her though and miss her now that she goes to a different church and they don't get to see her every sunday. we stayed there for about 30 min. and headed back to see the moonglow. we were once again dissapointed when they couldn't even blow the balloon up because of the wind. their idea of a moonglow this year was to have all the guys set up their baskets and just light the pilot lights off. i was cool for about a minute or two, but we still went home dissapointed. here are some pics from the park and the "moonglow". this is what kaylee and kelsey thought of the experience:

kaylee hiding her eyes

kelsey looking less than impressed here are a couple more pics:

going down the slide (notice the grafiti)
jordan (notice the hair)

on saturday night, my sister kept all the kids for the night even though my mom was out of town. everything went fine. i went over a little early to help get them dressed for church. the girls wore their sailor dresses that we got from laura, on ebay. here are a couple of pics that i took before we left (aren't they ADORABLE):

kaylee (L) & kelsey (R)

because of the dissapointing time on saturday, we decided to try to see the balloons launch on sunday night. "aunt" sue met us at grammy's house and we headed down. the weather was better and the wind was not so strong, so we were pretty hopeful that it would happen. the launch was supposed to take place at 6pm again, so we got there at around 5:45. we met aunt susie and cousin katie down there too. it got to be aroung 6:20 and no one had even started to unpack their balloons. we got a little worried and sue and toya went to ask if they were going to take off. we were told all the balloon owners were having a meeting and going to decide. we were VERY happy when a few minutes later, they all started unpacking their balloons!!!! it was an AWESOME site as you will see from the pics (yes, the kids went in their pj's cause i knew we would be getting home late):

kelsey and kaylee were fooling aroung while they were blowing up the balloons and kelsey ran into kaylees head and got her first nose bleed! she also got her first fat lip:

this was our favorite baloon, a beagle named maximus! this balloon was HUGE! they were not able to launch it as the conditions for a ballon that size were not favorable, but they did blow it up. the kids loved this balloon (we have a beagle almost like it). here are some pics of maximus:

well, that concludes my post for today. i hope you enjoy all the pics and slideshows. i am still planning on startng potty training today and will let everyone know how it goes. cross your fingers for me :)

Friday, August 17, 2007

It's Time!

time for what you say?? well, time to potty train of course! to be truthful, i am pretty scared about that. i know i have done two kids already, but not two at a time! i am planning on starting on monday. we went out and bought new dora panties. hopefully they won't want to mess on dora and will get the hang of it quickly :) or, i may decide that at 2 1/2 they just aren't ready yet. to be truthful, i do think they are ready. they tell me (most of the time) when they are stinky or wet and need to be changed. i guess that this means that this week we will be staying home more so they get the hang of it.

well, that is all for tonight. tomorrow is a busy day with a trip to the animal park during the morning, and then a trip to the balloon festival at night. we will be busy, but it will be fun. there will be pictures either tomorrow or sunday/monday! have a great weekend!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

A New Prayer Request!

well, as we speak, my sister and her hubby as well as my parents are at the hospital with baby grayson. about a day after birth, john (grayson's daddy) notices a lump on the back of his head. last night when my parents got there my sister had mentioned it, but they thought maybe it was just a weird soft spot. he has been to the dr.s twice and not one of the dr.s have noticed it or said anything about it, so they weren't too concerned. tonight though, they noticed that it seemed to have grown. they said it is a little bigger than a golf ball and is very squishy feeling (like fluid). they decided it would be best to bring him to the ER to be on the safe side. please keep my sister, her hubby, and especially baby grayson in your prayers. hopefully they find out something tonight and if so i will update. here are some pics of baby grayson taken today by my mom and dad (gotta love camera phones!): *******UPDATE******* as i was typing this out, my mom called and said it is a hematoma. basically, she needs to make an appt. with his dr. (she has one scheduled for tomorrow), and they need to watch it and see if it grows. if it does then they need to be seen again. so, on to other news, today we went with some friends from church to the toy library. the kids had fun, but i didn't get too many good pictures since they were playing. we went with gina and her 3 kids. victoria is the same age as latoya, austin is the same age as jordan, and connor is the same age as the twins. it works out good going with them because of the ages of her kids. we plan on going swimming on friday if the weather is nice. Here is a slideshow of the day. I hope you enjoy, and i will keep everyone updated on Grayson!!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

A Full House!

well, i normally have my 4 kids plus doug's sisters two kids, but today we threw a infant into the picture. i had the pleasure of watching my cousin's baby....benjamin. we had so much fun, and he definitely didn't lack attention. he never got two squeeks out before someone was asking to hold him. kelsey at first was trying to tickle him and talking "baby" talk to him, and kaylee just took over his boppy toy. here is a slideshow from today:

while i had all 7 kids, we went to the police station. my hubby has been selected for jury duty! he had to write a letter to see if he can get out of it since he is the only one working and supporting our family of 6. if you are selected for jury duty, you only get paid $10 a day. are you kidding me???? like we could live on that. so, i guess i would say to pray that they let him off the hook. he wouldn't mind doing it, but we just wouldn't be able to make ends meet. they said you can be asked to serve for up to 15 days! the clerk said that we will know in a couple of weeks whether he is dismissed or not. you should have seen the looks i was getting while all 7 kids were with me. i'm not sure if they were sympathy looks or disgust looks :). no one asked if they were all mine though, i think people were just dumbfounded...lol.

as you can see, i started making a list of some of the blogs that i read. i am still missing several, so please comment me and send me your blog addresses. there are a few that i really like that i am still missing. i can't find my slideshows anywhere as i can't remember what program i used to make them, so i am still bummed out about that. i guess i will have to make new ones.....ugh.

well, that is all for tonight. we have a balloon festival coming up this weekend so look for pics from that. also, my parents have landed in n.c., so i'm sure there will be pics of grayson for everyone to see too. the girls thought that ben was grayson, and they were super excited! they liked ben too, but called him grayson for the first half hour.

i also have been meaning to update on brendon dunn, he has had a pretty major setback (remember we just announced that he was in remission). he started having the same pains he had when the lymphoma was discovered, so they checked and found a area in question near his heart. PLEASE keep him and his family in your prayers. here are the last two updates from his mom (one from friday and one from today):

FRIDAY, AUGUST 10, 2007 11:59 PM, CDT
Please pray for Brendon.

Bren has been complaining of neck and shoulder pains for the past few days, which has had us very nervous because these pains are what started the whole diagnosis back in April. We went to the doctor on Wednesday to have him checked out. They gave him an x-ray which looked fine. His doctor examined him and thought that maybe it was a blood clot that was causing the pain. They sent us to Maine Med for an ultrasound. That came back fine. No clots. So they scheduled us for a CT scan which he had today at 3:40. When we arrived home there was a message on the answering machine asking us to page the doctor on call to discuss the results of the CT scan. When the doctor called back he told us that they were concerned about the results. Brendon has had excess tissue on the right side of his heart that they thought may have been residual tissue from the tumor. When they compared the CT scan Bren had in July to the one he had today they noticed that the tissue had grown. It hasn't grown significantly, but enough to cause concern. He also has fluid around his heart and in one of his lungs. They are concerned because nothing should be growing because of all the chemo he is getting. Where it's Friday night they don't really have a game plan yet. They are going to do another PET scan, an EKG and maybe a biopsy to try to figure out what is going on. The doctor said that we could admit Bren to the hospital if it would make us feel better but they wouldn't really do any tests until next week. We have decided to keep Bren at home for the weekend and try to stay out of the hospital as long as possible (as long as he is safe). He is really only in pain at night when he lays down. We are trying to remain optimisitic, but we are very sad and scared. We don't know what to expect...

I'll update more as soon as I know it.

Thank you for your prayers. We need them right now.

TUESDAY, AUGUST 14, 2007 10:23 AM, CDT
Things are going ok. We have not been admitted to the hospital. Brendon is going for an EKG today at 2:15pm and then he has a PET scan tomorrow at 10:30am. We are hoping to have answers by Thursday as to what is going on. Brendon has not been complaining about pain and he has not needed any pain meds since Saturday. When I spoke to the doctor Sunday afternoon I asked him what he was most concerned about and he told me that it was the growth on his heart. He said there are 3 things it could be and they are an infection, scar tissue or another tumor. Hopefully these tests will tell them what it is without them having to go in to do a biopsy. We are trying to prepare for the worst, but keeping the faith that it's not another tumor. When we told Bren that it might be another tumor he said "Oh well, if it's a tumor it's a tumor. I've had one, so what's one more?". He's such a tough kid. We will be so glad to have some answers.. Not knowing is VERY tough!

Anyway, we have been keeping pretty busy to try to take our minds off of everything. Our family from Alaska left last week. Brendon's Uncle Jon left on Wednesday and his Aunt Angie and the kids left Sunday. Saturday we all went to the aquarium in Boothbay Harbor and had a great time. I have put some pictures up of the aquarium visit and other pictures.

Brendon had an exciting night on Sunday night. We went to the wrestling match in Portland. Brendon got to meet his FAVORITE wrestler Kane and get his autograph. He also met 2 other wrestlers. He was on cloud nine!! I took his picture with Kane, Batista and another guy (I can't remember his name). My cousin Ashley and her friend Allyson talked to one of the security guys and told them Brendon's story and they brought Bren back to where all the wrestlers walked out to get into their cars. We (Aunt Sherry, Uncle Dan, Allyson, Ashley, Bren and myself) were the only ones that were able to be close to them. Everyone else was across the street behind barricades and police tape. It was awesome! Brendon was beaming from ear to ear. He also got to meet Batista one on one and get his autograph. Bren was so nervous. Those guys are HUGE! It was a great night and he is still talking about it. Everyone was so nice to us! It was an awesome pick-me-up for him. Especially with all the things he might be facing. If you check out the pictures you'll see how happy he was. He couldn't stop smiling! It made me cry to see him so happy and carefree!! Those guys made his night!!

That's about it for now. I will update as soon as I have more info.. Thanks for the e-mails, prayers and well wishes. They have helped more than you'll ever know. We love you all!! ~Amber

P.S. Ellen, your blog is not listed on your profile, so even though you left a comment, i can't get your blog address! :) Please send it via email!

Monday, August 13, 2007

I'm an Idiot ~ Please Help!

ok, as you can tell by my blog, i lost everything on it!!! i am sooo upset! anyway, for those that you know i read your blog or you have a blog i may be interested in, please leave a comment with your blog address! that will teach me for tryong to fix things when i have only have about 4 hours of sleep! anyway, thanks for your help! as you can tell, i lost all of my slideshows i had on the side as well as my counter at the bottom and everything else i had on it. i am soooo mad at myself!!! maybe things will look better in the morning, but i doubt it! i had put sooo much work into it, and now look....it's plain and boring!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

A Movie at Festival Plaza!

On saturday we decided to do something we hadn't done before. in a nearby town, they have what they call festival plaza. on saturdays during the summer they have a family night thing where they show a family movie outside in the park. this was the last one of the season, so we decided to do it. they were showing happy feet. it was actually ALOT of fun. we brought our chairs and some blankets and made ourselves comfortable. the extra kid you will see is cousin kylie (my neice on doug's side). i babysit her and her brother during the summer. we went and picked up kylie at her house about 2 hours (so we could get a good seat and set up our chairs) before the movie was to start, and on the way to the movie, we got a flat tire! it was just me and 5 kids, so, i drove it to my mom's and used her phone (we do not own cell phones ~ we're so old fashioned...lol). i had to call my hubby at work and he came home and changed it for us so we could go to the movie. we were early enough to get front row seats still. the kids did pretty well, i think the girls will do better next year. the movies didn't start till about 8:30, so that didn't help, plus the 3 younger ones have all been sick. here are some pictures (i only took a couple before the movie as it got too dark):

jordan went to the dr. on thursday and had swimmers ear, then kelsey woke up thusday night saying her ears were hurting, so i took her down friday morning and sure enough she has ear infections. we were given antibiotices for her. all three of them have had really bad coughs, so we are doing nebulizer treatments 3 times a day for all 3 of them, it's CRAZY! hopefully the next couple of days will have everyone feeling better. i also forgot to mention that doug also went to the dr.s on thursday morning and he had a ear infection too. during church tonight, toya said both of her ears were hurting now....will it ever end? winter hasn't even gotten here yet and we are already starting with the ear infections and nebulizer treatments. because of them being sick, we decided not to have them sleep at grammy's, so i had to get 5 kids ready for church this morning. we did really well though. all 6 of us ate, took showers, and got dressed in 2 hours!

after church this morning, we went to my mom's. when doug got out of work, we went downtown to get a tire. the guy at the tire place looks at me and says "if you wouldn't have driven it so long on the rim, we could've saved the tire". i said "i was by myslef with 5 kids in the car, i wasn't going to stop on the side of the road with no cell phone when i don't know how to change a tire!" he looked at me like i was an idiot. i'm not sure if it was because i didn't have a cell phone, or i didn't know how to change a tire, or if it was because i was driving alone with 5 kids....lol. i guess it could have been any of the three! :)

my parents leave to go visit john, sarah and baby grayson in n.c. on tuesday, so there should be a ton more pics of him, and maybe some video too :).

well, that's all for tonight. looks like i will be heading into the dr.s office for kaylee tomorrow. she has been coughing like crazy for almost 3 days now, and tonight it sounds like croup. i actually may have to go down tonight, we'll see. well, i'm off to bed. have a great week!