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Friday, July 11, 2008

A day at the beach & Grayson's test!

We haven't been to busy around here lately, but we are definitely enjoying some GREAT weather! Our temperatures have been in the 80's ALL week! This makes it great to be outside, but horrible to be at the gym! No, not because we would rather be outside (although we would), but because our gym that supposedly has air conditioning is unbeleivable hot! We checked the thermostat the other day when we went in there and it was HOLDING at 81! Needless to say, we have not been working out the way we used to. It's just way too hot, we get physically ill. I think this is why I am having problems losing weight, but it will get cold again, this is Maine you know! I am still happy to say that I have not gained anything either though! So, I am atleast working out enough to maintain my weight loss. I will get there.

Anyway, my friend Miranda had vacation this week, so on Tuesday we all went to the beach. We got there at around 11:30, and left at about 3. The weather was awesome, and the kids had fun. Grayson took a nap as seen in the picture, and then we went to the park that was there. In the other two pictures, you will see Latoya and cousin Kylie. They have been taking cheering this summer and were practicing the paramid with the girls.

On Wed., we went to the local beach and the kids enjoed some more sun and water. We didn't stay very long though. Thursday we went to the gym, but we didn't work out. This is the day it was 81 in there. We walked in, realized it was stiffling, checked the thermostat, and walked back out. It really was rediculous. We did our shopping, then went home.

Today, we went to the gym as well. We only worked out about 30 min. though. Grayson had to be in Portland at 12:30 to get hooked back up for his 3 day test. I got my Aunt Theresa to watch all 4 of my kids so I could go with Sarah and help her. We got there a little early, so we went to have lunch, then headed to the Drs. office. They called us in and the fun began. You could tell that he remembered from last time. They didn't even have to wrap him up last time, but we did this time. It took a nurse to hold his head, Sarah held his arms, and I held his legs while the other lady applied all the elctrodes (25 of them). Even with all of us holding him down, he still managed to move! He is a strong little guy. It took a little over an hour to apply all of them. As soon as they were done hooking him up, he started smiling and playing again though. He is such a sweet, happy baby! Although the maching is not (as bad) per say as the last one, it is still bad. He has to wear the backpack because the cord on this one isn't long enough for someone to follow him. This wouldn't be bad, except he walks all the time now and the backpack is HEAVY! It must weigh atleast 10 lbs. (half his weight). When he falls, he falls hard now! Poor thing! After supper tonight, we went to Sarah and John's house to look at the progress. It looks great, and they should be in at the end of this month, or the beginning of next. They are counting down the days! We walked from there to the local park, and I watched the kids and let them play while John and Sarah ran back to get the truck. Here are some pics of Grayson at the park all hooked up. I will also include a slideshow below the pics. from this week (don't worry, it's very short, only 21 photo's and it's set on fast speed). I hope everyone has a great week, check back for more updates on Grayson. Please keep him, mom, and dad in your prayers this weekend!

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Happy 4th of July!

Well, since I seem to have a minute, I thought I would update. First I want to say thanks for all the comments on my last post! You all are great! I honestly thought I had lost all of my readers, but you guys made me realize that is not so! To be honest, I should probably be at the gym, but I took a 4 day hiatus to celebrate the holiday. Maybe I just needed a break to get me over this bump in the road. We'll see. So, our 4th, actually started on the 3rd. My hubby was not going to be off for the 4th, so we decided to go to the races the day before as they were having fireworks following. We like going to watch the races anyway. I must say that I did not really enjoy them, because even though I was there in body, my mind was not there with me. I honestly don't think I could tell you one thing about the races. The fireworks were great as usual though. They never dissapoint. In retrospect, I am glad we went because the ones on the 4th were horrible! The kids did well. I wasn't sure about the twins, so, before they started, I prepared them for the booms, but told them it was ok there would be plenty of pretty lights and the lights would stay way up in the sky. Kelsey did fine, but Kaylee at first was scared. She was sitting with daddy and he covered her ears while she hid in his shirt. I finally decided to give it a try and held her. She didn't cry, she just didn't want to look at them or hear them. Every once on a while I would "forget" to cover her ears or eyes and say "oh, did you see that color, isn't it pretty, what color was it?" Before I knew it, she was just sitting there watching and listening to them. She enjoyed them after that and kept looking for her favorite color, blue! She actually would get mad and say "I want a blue one". When that didn't work, she said "I want ALL blue!". Kelsey of course was looking for pink ones. All in all, the kids had fun, and so did daddy. Here are some pics and video:

July 4th started with a parade. It wasn't really that great, but the kids still had fun, and it gave us something to do. We then went in the field where they were having some activities. The kids all got their faces painted, including Grayson. They all looked mighty cute! Grayson tried pulling the girls in their wagon:

Have you guys seen this wagon? It's awesome! I found it on amazon. It is made by razor, and it is electric! I got it since my girls are now over 30 lbs. each. For the most part it does the job. I really got it so it would be easier to go on walks, but it doesn't go fast enough. It says it goes up to 3 mph, but with the girls it doesn't go that fast. It was great for the parade and little activities like that, plus you can pull it faster and it helps you a little. Either way, we did enjoy it and the kids were happy to help with it! It was regular $180, but I got it for $103 plus free shipping. When we got back from the parade, the girls went down for a nap. Toya and Jordan got to go with Sarah and John to go swimming at one of John's relatives house. We weere supposed to go to Rumford to see their fireworks. We have gone there for the past few years and they have the best ones in the area. Sarah called later and told us that they were not having them this year due to not raising enough money! We were highly dissapointed and had to find somewhere else to go. We decided on Winthrop. This was a bad decision! They were not very good and only lasted 15 min. from start to finish. Needless to say, we will not go there again. Hopefully next year we will return to Rumford, but if not we will probably venture to Boothbay. So, that about sums up our last couple of days. On a plus side, the girls and Grayson got to enjoy their first sparklers. The girls were a little scared, but did a few. Grayson loved it. I was very careful that he did not grab it, but you can tell by the pics that he thoroughly enjoyed it. So, here are some pics and a video. Enjoy!