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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Birthday Party, Sickies, and Burns!

So, as you can tell by the title this has been a BUSY week! We'll start with last Friday. Friday was a usual day (atleast I think it was). Latoya cheered for one of the basketball games and I was able to get a video, but it's hard to see her. Here it is though, plus some pics!

The rest of the weekend was pretty good (atleast I think it was) :)

Monday brought the girls birthday party at Jokers. There were quit a few people and the girls really enjoyed themselves. It was really hard to visit with everyone since we all had kids of different ages. In that sense it was a little annoying, but all the kids enjoyed themselves and that is what counts. Here is a slideshow of the party, and a picture of the girls on their Dora atv's from us. I have never seen so many Dora things in my life! You will also notice that the cake was a little messed up. Seems Kaylee wanted one of the toys on top! :)

On Tuesday Kaylee was not feeling well at all. She has a rough night after the party which we attributed to being exhausted from the party. Just to be on the safe side, I brought her to the Drs. Turns out she has bronchitis as well as a ear drum that was about to burst! The ear thing really threw me off since she had only mentioned it once and that was in passing. We had brought her in for her cough. Anyway, she is on antibiotics and is doing alot better. Boy do I wish the week had ended there! No sooner had we left the Drs. office and Kelsey started coughing. I can't win! I just went home and figured we would wait and see what happened. Wishful thinking.

On Thursday, Kelsey started running a fever. It hovered around 102. I still declined from making an appt. This was also Valentines day. We really didn't do anything for it, but the girls had a really cute outfit they wore and Kelsey insisted on telling everyone "Happy Valentines Day" over and over again. Here is a picture of them in their outfits. There is also a cute pic of Kaylee with cups on her feet as shoes:

On Friday after we (my sisters and I) went to the gym, we did our usual grocery shopping. While we were checking out, I received a call from my mom (she's the secretary at the kids school). She said Jordan had been burned while at school. At first I was thinking a rug burn. She said he had been burned by soup. It still didn't really sink in, then she explained. Jordan and another classmate were going upstairs with their soup. The girl behind him tripped and her soup spilled on Jordan's back. My mom was in the office and heard the screaming and new it wasn't good. Seh went running and found them on the stairs. While I was talking to her, I could hear Jordan screaming in pain. They gave him tylenol, then wrapped a cold towel around him and my mom met me at his Drs. office down town. By the time I saw him, he was calmed down and not in too much pain. We got right in and were told that he has 1st, 2nd, and in one spot almost 3rd degree burns. We were given instructions and sent home. He has been doing remarkably well with it, but I am keeping him well medicated and it is in a pretty good spot for a burn. While we were in the Drs., we must have had 3-4 Drs. come in just to see how someone gets burned by soup on the back! :) There were so many things that just fell into place during this. Why, I don't know.
***First thing, my kids NEVER order hot lunch from school, but I was running out of time that day and decided to let them get the soup and sandwich.
***Secondly, the ladies that were doing the lunch do not normally do it.
***Third, when the elementary kids order lunch, it is normally brought to their rooms, they don't go get it.
*** Lastly, the soup bowls normally have covers on them.

Anyway, here are some pics of his back (don't worry, they didn't come out too good so they aren't too gross), as well as his stock of things to care for it. Like I'm not busy enough!

I also forgot to mention that Friday morning Jordan had woke up with croup. So, all 3 of the younger ones are now on the nebulizer. We went to watch Latoya cheer at her last game even after all this. I hadn't downloaded all the party pics off my camera yet, so I was not able to get any pics.

This morning I ended up bringing Kelsey in since she has continued to run a fever, has had a rapid heartbeat, and complains of leg pain. I had given her motrin this morning at 8 am, and when we got to her Drs. appt. at 11:15, her temp was still
103.1. They said it is just the flu and to try to keep her fever down so when I got home, I gave her tylenol as well and her fever finally broke during her nap. We'll see if we can keep it away, if not then she needs to go on Monday for blood work. This evening we went to my mom's for supper and a birthday cake for my sister. So, Happy Birthday Auntie Sarah!! I didn't get to get pics of the "party", but I got some pics of Grayson. He was watching Jordna playing with his cars, so when Jordan was done, I gave them to him and he really loved playing with them. Here are the pics:

I guess that ends this post. Please pray for Jordan to heal quickly as well as the girls. Toya continues to be my healthy one! :) Atleast I have one! Have a great week.

Oh, by the way. I am down 8.6 lbs. total for 3 weeks. So, that is 3 lbs lost for this week!

Thursday, February 07, 2008

3 Yr. Checkup & 3 Yr. Pictures!

Well, this has completed another week. The girls are officially 3! We had a family birthday party on Saturday and the girls really enjoyed it. It was just me and the kids, and my mom and sisters, Grampa, and uncle John. The girls picked out Diego cupcakes (there wasn't any Dora), and Dora ice cream. They weren't sure what to think of everyone singing to them, but joined in and sang to me. They still remember when it was my birthday. :) They received Dora dolls from auntie Sarah and uncle John, and Dora backpacks from auntie Jess. They also received Dora pj's from Grammy and Grampa. Do you sense a theme here? They had a great time. Here is a slideshow from the party:

This week has been absolutely hectic. Besides going to the gym every morning, we had appts. EVERY afternoon. Monday and Thursdays are ot and speech. Tuesday was a dentist appt. for Toya. Wed. was pictures and the girls physicals. Tomorrow will be grocery shopping. I am ready for a break!

As you read, we had the girls 3 yr. pictures taken. We went to Sears. We went to the gym from 9 am to 10:30 am (our normal time). We had an aoot. for 11 am and got there just in time. We were the only appt. scheduled for that day so the lady had lots of time. She took 76 pictures of the girls and Grayson (he was having his 6 mo. pics done). She was very nice and patient, but not very attentive to detail. Alot of Graysons were ruined by drool and the girls had quit a few that I was not very impressed with. Like I said, she did take 76 pictures so we did find plenty to order. We were there till 12:30 and we went to go get some lunch while the pictures were downloaded. We were gone for about a half hour and when we came back we were informed that she was still downloading them. We weren't too happy since we were told they would be done by the time we got back. The girls dr. appt. was scheduled for 2 pm., so we ended up leaving sears without even ordering any pictures. We went back today to do the ordering. The ones we chose, really did come out super cute! Here are a couple, then the rest are in the slide below.

This leads us to the girls Dr. appt. We were very happy that they did not need any shots this time. They were weighed and measured. Kelsey was 32.4 lbs. and 36 1/2 in. and Kaylee was 32.2 lbs. and 36 3/4 in. I can't beleive that they stay the same weight and height all the time. I thought for sure there would be a gap in weight since they always choose different things to eat. There is very rarely that they like all of the same thing. They do not eat alike at all. We talked about how they were doing and we think they are pretty much on track. She didn't notice them being behind at all. They were given books and prizes form the toy chest and we were sent on our way. I am also happy to say that thsi was the first time the girls have been there in over a month and this was a healthy appt.! I am hoping that this means that they are growing out of the "sick" stage. I don't have time for the dr.s office anymore!

Well, that is about it for tonight. Toya has a game that she is cheering in tomorrow, so there should be some pics of that next week. The girls are also having their real birthday party on Monday. We are doing it at Jokers. We only invited a few of the girls friends and some family, so it won't be very big. They'll have alot of fun though and i'll have pics of that as well. I will end with the fact that I nly lost 1.6 lbs. this week. I was kinda dissapointed, but atleast I can pinpoint a reason why. That still puts me down 5.6 lbs. in 2 weeks!

I hope everyone has a great week!

Friday, February 01, 2008

New Haircuts, First Haircuts, and Third Birthday!

Well, I have been busy as usual. I now have a routine for the gym. I go every morning with my sister Sarah at 9:00 am. This schedule works really good for both of us and I thoroughly enjoy it. I guess the lack of updates is due to not much news. Things have been quit calm around here for the most part. I will update with the past two weeks, but again, it's not much. I had to include the above picture of Kaylee. They have gotten used to the breathing machine and I got Kaylee going then went back a few minutes later, and this is what I saw! Hilarious! Read to the end for pics of someones first haircut! :)

Last Saturday me, my two sisters, Toya, and Jordan all went shopping at the outlets in new hampshire. We had a blast, but it made for a long day. We got to the outlets when they opened at 10 am and didn't leave till they closed at 8 pm. We spent so much money it was rediculous ( I had tax return money). I am happy to say that my kids should be all set on clothes for next year! My mom kept the twins, and they did their own shopping a little closer to home. Here is a picture of my loot and the girls in one of their new outfits:



Kaylee (L) & Kelsey (R)

Last night, my hubby, me and the kids all went to walmart to get haircuts. It was a fmaily affair and I was the only one who didn't get one. This was the twins first haircut and I was a little nervous to say the least. I was not impressed when I said to cut it right above the shoulders and this is what I got:

I must say that they look cute and they did really well. I guess they won't be needing another one anytime soon! They look sooooo grown up. We got them done for their birthday which is tomorrow. They will be 3! Wow, I am so in shock that they are 3! Where does the time go? They came form here:

To here:

Well, that is all for now. I got my scale last Thursday and upon weighing in this Thursday, I have lost 4 lbs. in a week! I am super excited and will keep doing what I'm doing! I figure 2 lbs. a week and I can lose 100 lbs. in a year! I'd be happy with that!

Well, good night and happy birthday to my sweet, loveable, beautiful little girls! Sorry there are no pics of the older two, my camera battery died at the hair place. I will get pics of them up soon though! What do you think of the girls haircuts??