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Saturday, June 28, 2008

10 Years and 4 Kids! Plus a serious Prayer request (at the bottom)

Well, I realize it has once again been a month, because if this, I also realize that I have lost most of my readers. I am quit sad about this, but what can I do? Really, where does the time go? Anyway, Friday was our 10 year anniversary. Nothing makes you feel old like being married ten years! I still can't wrap my mind around it! Of course having 4 kids will make you feel old as well, if not more so. We really didn't do too much for our anniversary, but we were on vacation last week, so we can count that I guess. We also went to dinner on Thursday night. Our vacation was actually very nice. We usually go to N.C. to visit my sister and her hubby, but as most of you know, they moved home in December! So, they went on vacation with us as well as my younger sister, Jess. We went to Boston for a couple of days. We actually stayed at the Hyatt Place in Boston/Medford. It was beautiful! My only complaint would be that the pool looked nothing like it does in the picture, but the rooms were excellent. We got to the hotel at around 11 am, and then we got settled and took the subway to market square (basically a whole block of vendors and stores). We then went back to the hotel and then to supper at the Old Country Buffett. We got a little lost going there, but we found it eventually. After supper, we returned to the hotel. They had a free continental breakfast in the morning that we enjoyed, then we headed to the New England Aquarium. We had a blast and got some cute pictures. We also went to the Imax theater. I really was not impressed with it, and it's very expensive! So, without further ado, here is the slideshow:

This brings us to the next portion of the trip. We went home for a few days in between, then we headed to N.H. We stayed at the North Conway Grand Hotel. We were originally only supposed to stay one night, but my hubby and I decided to go up a day earlier. I booked the hotel online right before we left to go. When we go there, they informed us that they had no more rooms available for the 2 Queen beds. They then informed me that they were upgrading us to a suite!! I then asked if we had to check out and then back in since we had booked the rooms at seperate times, and they told us not to worry about it, we were upgraded for both nights, and there was no extra charge! The room was HUGE! The bedroom had a king bed plus a pull out sofa, the the living/kitchen had a pull out sofa as well. The hotel also had one indoor pool and hot tub, plus it had a ouside pool and hot tub, plus a kiddie play pool. ALL the pools were heated! The kids spent the first night in the pool for 2 hours. The next morning we took the kids swimming while we waited for Sarah, John, Grayson, and Jess to come up. They went swimming for 2 hours while we waited. We joined them for lunch while they waited for their room to open, then the kids went swimming with daddy while we went to the outlets (the hotel is right in the middle of the outlets). While we went shopping, the kids went swimming for 6 hours straight! We ate breakfast the next morning and although it was free, the continental breakfast was awesome! Kids did eat free though. After breakfast, we got checked out and headed to Storyland! Of course the kids had a blast there. We had to pay for the twins, but it was worth it because they are finally big enough to ride everything. They did too, and they enjoyed it. Here is a slideshow (there are lots of pics, but I put it on fast so it shouldn't take too long):

So, that was the end of our vacation! Doug went back to work on Saturday and we returned to our normal schedule.....kind of. Our church had planned a trip to Santa's Village for the Tuesday after our vacation. I did not plan to go because I knew we were going to Storyland the week before. Turns out someone in our church saw that we were not signed up and they decided to pay for me and the kids. Obviously, the kids had a blast. The weather could have been better, but we made the best of it. We had a few downpours, but atleast it cleared up in between. Now we are going to relax the rest of the summer, atleast I hope to. Here is a slideshow of course:

This brings us to a very serious prayer request. I mentioned my nephew Grayson. My sister has been struggling for the past 3 months to figure out what has been going on with him. He had a EEG done last week that required him wearing a contraption on his head for 48 hours. Not only did he have this thing on his head, but someone had to be with him at all times because it was attached to a box that you had to carry in a little backpack and the cord was VERY short. After a very rough night, my sister decided that 24 hrs. was enough. My sister pushed the button 17 times that night signaling him having these spells. I went with her last Wed. to have him unhooked. They told her that they would not know the results for 2 weeks, but they also keep telling her how serious this is, and that at any time he could have a VERY serious one that could cause brain damage. The thing that makes this difficult is that this Dr. is the only pediatric neurologist in the state of Maine. The machine he had on is only one of 3 in the whole state. Thankfully the nurse got things moving and the results were read just a few days later. Sarah got the call last Friday night that he is indeed having seizures! So, almost everytime he sleeps, he is having seizures. They now want to do a 72 hour EEG test on him. For this machine, there are only 2 in the whole state. How absurd is that. Because of this, he cannot get a machine till July 11th!! Sarah is exhausted as she is up with him about every night while he has these seizures. So, needless to say they need your prayers! He is such a handsome little guy and so happy. Here is some pictures of him with the contraption on, and a video of his newest talent.....WALKING (at 10 mo.). Did I mention how smart he is??:

I hope you all have a great week, I will keep everyone updated on the little man! Sorry once again for the delay in the update and for making this so long. I hope to get some of my readers back! :) Sorry if this seems all over the place, I'm exhausted! Also, as far as the weight loss, I am at a stand still. I have not lost anymore, but haven't gained it back either. I am not sure about inches yet as I plan to do them in the next couple of days. I'm stuck in a rut!!! HELP! :)