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Thursday, March 29, 2007

My new Nephew......or Neice! :)

okay, so i don't usually post so close together, but my sister FINALLY sent me an ultrasound picture and i wanted to share it! i personally think that she is having a boy along with everyone else, but she thinks it is a girl! she could find out as she is 5 mo. along, but they don't want to know. i think it is cool, although i could never wait to find out. nowadays you can't buy anything that is neutral either, it is all either girl or boy, no in between. they have been married for 7 1/2 years so she says it is a little strange to be getting all this stuff ready for the baby and realizing there will be another person in the house with them shortly. she said the first 5 mo. have gone by quickly and smoothly but they had a scare last thursday/friday when she began having severe pain in her lower abdomen. she called the dr. who assured her it was just round ligament pain and that the baby was fine!!! :) anyway, that is all for the post for now. i could make out lots of things on the ultrasound picture after seeing soooo many with the twins, but i couldn't tell the sex....lol. anyway, have a great week!

p.s. for those that tried to look at the pics and videos yesterday, i have fixed it so that they are all together on one montage. feel free to look below, the pictures are cute!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The Toy Library :)

Kaylee and Kelsey (don't you love their silky pj's)
for those that were looking for my post last night, i'm sorry, but half way through my post and after uploading a ton of pictures, my computer shut down for no reason and i lost everything!!! anyway, i am going to try this again.

on Monday, we were looking for something to do since my youngest sister was home for college. my mom remembered reading something in our local paper about this toy library. we decided to check it out. basically it is a big two story play place. the cost is $2 per child for 2 hours in the afternoon or 3 hours in the morning. the kids really had a blast. on the lower level is the sandbox and balcony type thing to climb up on, a ball pit, toddler play area, book area, doll and kitchen area, cars and trucks, and books. on the upper level is the gymnasium which has the normal hoops and balls, but they also had a big blow up jump house, a puppet theater, and bikes they could ride around the gym. as you can see from the video and pictures, the kids really enjoyed themselves. we will definitely go back. two times a month they also put on a puppet show for the kids with snacks and then they get to play after. so, that is all for the updates, here is the montage (i tried to just do the videos and then the pictures, but i couldn't get it to work right, so i created a montage). Enjoy!!! :) (sometimes it's better to pause it and wait till the white line goes all the way across and then play it again and it won't keep stopping on you)

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Update.....Update :) Two New Additions To The Family!

well, first i will update you on kaylee. sorry i haven't updated yet, but it has once again been a hectic week! kaylee's specialist called the next day with the results, and they were normal. i figured they would be as the next morning, she was fine. she was up and playing and acting like her same old self. she still didn't eat great that day, but drank a ton and therefore had plenty of wet diapers. she is now eating everything in sight and is completely back to normal. it's a mystery as to what she had and the fact that out of a family of 6, she is the only one who got it is also a mystery. we are happy to have the same old kaylee back though, we missed her! :) everything else is going good so far. it is getting warmer here so we hope the sickies are going to go away for good. next.......

i got my order that i used my gymbucks for at gymboree. these are the swimsuits i got all the kids. i love the twins, they are adorable, toya doesn't like hers as she is uncomfortable in a 2 piece, so we will return it and get a one piece, but i loved that the three girls matched. jordan liked his too. we still have a LONG time to go before they can actually go swimming, but here is a picture of them trying them on:

on to the title of my post, and the two new additions. most of you will remember that a while ago i had posted about all the pregnant people i know of, now it is time to start showing pictures as they are born. there were two due this month, my cousin brian's wife, mindy, was due first and then my cousin jeremy's girlfriend, heather, was due a couple of weeks later. well, mindy was late and heather was early. they ended up going into the hospital on the same day, wed., mar. 21st. mindy was to be induced, and heather went into labor on her own.

heather gave birth on wendsday night to a little girl, she had to be resucitated and have lots of test run as she did not breathe at birth and mom and baby have some infection (thus the IV). she seems to be doing fine now though:
Jazmine Lynn ~ 8lb. 7 oz.
mindy unfortunately labored all day and night yesterday and all day today and was finally ready to push tonight but the baby went into distress so they did a c-section. the cord was wrapped around her neck 3 times. she is fine now though. so after 2 days of labor minday gave birth to a baby girl as well:

Jayna Marie ~ 7 lbs. 11oz.
(did i mention they are all friends and hang out together ~ too funny that they go into labor on the same day.)

my mom went down to see them tonight and said mom's, dad's, and babies were all camped out in one room ~ how cool is that :)

well, once again, sorry for not updating sooner, i hope everyone has a great week. no more babies expected until may, and then they will hit one by one. we have eight more to go. next two are due in may and the last one is due in sept. of course by the time we are done with those, i'm sure there will be more pregnant people :) it never ends!!!! LOL

Monday, March 19, 2007

Little Update on Kaylee's TB

there has not been much going on lately, with the exception of a sick kid. atleast it's only one though, but of course that leads to a few concerns as the child is kaylee, which happens to be the only child on INH (meds for TB). about a week ago now, kaylee became sick, she started complaining that her stomache hurt everyday! this of course made me a little nervous (the INH is very strong and can cause damage to the liver and kidneys), but i really wasn't too concerned at first, i just thought it was maybe a stomache flu. on thursday we had a appt. with the TB specialist, so i casually mentioned it. as usually happens, we got the the appt. and she was no longer acting sick. we chalked it up to some kind of bug, but nothing to do with the meds. she did pretty well on thursday, but on friday she started complaining about her stomache again. this is the day when she also decided not to eat or drink anymore. she also became very sleepy. when i say no eating or drinking, i mean that she literally would take one bite of whatever we were having and not eat anymore, and she had the same sippy cup of juice for 3 days (i would just refrigerate it between drinks). she was having maybe 2 wet diapers a day, which any parent knows is not good! anyway, we went the whole weekend like this. today we had a home health nurse come (for kaylee's monitoring while on the meds.) and she wasn't very happy with how she was looking or acting. she had me call the specialist and have her send a order to our hospital for a CBC and a couple of other blood tests to check on her liver and kidneys. the nurse was concerned that kaylee has NOT had a fever or cough (both signs of colds and flu's), and she is the only one in the house that has been sick. as all of you know, this is very unusual with my twins, and my kids in general. anyway, i will update when i know more. of course we are praying that it is nothing serious. she did eat and drink a little more than she has been today so maybe she is going in the right direction. if i don't hear back by tomorrow morning, i will give the office a call. i know most say that no news is good news, but i want to hear it for myself. anyway, that is the update for now. please pray for kaylee! :)

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Fun In A Box!!! :)

first an update. on tuesday morning, kaylee woke up quit cranky (remember i thought i was going to end up going to the dr.s for her ears). i got all the kids ready and brought toya and jordan to school. when i got home, kaylee was still very cranky and just sat and cried. i put her down to g make lunch and forgot to put the gates up. when i came back in the livingroom, there was just kelsey and caleb. i asked kelsey where kaylee was and she said upstairs. i thought for sure she was getting into something up there, but when i got to the top of the stairs, i smelt it. i looked in her room and there is kaylee just sitting on her big girl bed with her blanket with throw up down the front of her. it was soo cute, but soo sad. somehow she managed to just get it on her pj's. i asked her what was wrong and she said "tummy hurt" i was shocked that she actually could tell me what was going on. they talk alot, but this was the first time they have actually told me what was wrong. immediately my mind started thinking of the side affects that the INH (meds for TB) can have which include kidney and liver problems. needless to say, we went to the dr.s. they assured me that she was ok and probably just has the flu, no ear infection either. okay on to the next topic.

the title of the post is fun in a box. i was sitting in the playroom and jordan was in the livingroom. i heard him saying "this is a firetruck", and proceeding to "drive" it around, noises included. i peaked in the livingroom to see what he was doing and found him in the diaper box, driving his "firetruck". i snuck back to get my camera and was ready when i called his name. who needs toys, when you have a box.....lol. here is the pic:

Jordan in the box :)

i have been meaning to put this next story up for a while, but kept forgetting. it makes you think a little and hang on to your kids more. about a week ago, my hubby and i and the kids were shopping in our local walmart. my hubby had gone to a different department to look at watches while i remained in the clothing section. there was a display of clearance toys in the front

of the vlothes and toys and jordan were standing there playing with them. i was literally maybe 5 feet from them. all of a sudden a lady came up to jordan and i saw him jump back. aparentyl she didn't see me. i raised my voice to ask him what happened and saw her walk quickly away. he came right over to me and i asked him what she did to him. he said "she tickled me". it seems harmless enough, but the whole thing was just strange. i was kinda upset because i couldn't imagine going out of my way to touch someone elses kid, no matter what. he is a very friendly boy, too friendly for me most of the time and after that he stuck right next to me. my hubby was VERY mad and wanted to go find the lady, but i had just gotten a quick glance so i don't think i would have been able to find her anyway, plus she was long gone. anyway, that's my story. hang onto your kids is my advice!

okay, last but not least, i said i would put a picture up of toya's coat that we got at gymboree for $10. i know the pj's really make the outfit, huh??? i was very impressed with the coat. i love it!!! here it is:

Toya in her new coat :)

Monday, March 05, 2007

No More Babies!

well, a day that i have dreaded has come, and the girls are now in their BIG girl beds!!!! this is their first night and i was afraid it wouldn't go to well, but they were very excited and laid right down and went to sleep. No more cribs for these two!!! As many of yo know, they have been getting out of their cribs for a while now, so i decided that it really wouldn't make too big of a difference. i wasn;t sure that i wanted to make it easier on them though, but we shall see how it goes. i left their cribs up for now just in case it doesn't work yet, but i really think they are gonna do fine. we bought them dora toddler beds and the dora bedding to go with it so they liked that. here are some pictures. no, kaylee is not crying, she is actually saying cheese.

Kelsey~front and Kaylee~back

on to other news :) i went to the outlets on saturday and had too much fun......in other words, i spent too much money, but i got some really good deals. when we came back home, my cousin and i did a fashion show with the twins. i really have to learn to keep their hair in until i am done taking pictures, but oh well. the girls loved trying on all their new clothes and my cousin says i've created monsters....lol. anyway, here are the pictures from the fashion show, i hope you enjoy them. the older two were sleeping at grammy's for the night, that is why they are not in any, but they did get some clothing as well. in the first picture, those coats are from gymboree and i got them for $10, can you beleive it!!!! they are 4 in one coats, so they have a liner that zips out and becomes a really cute reversible spring coat! i also got toya a awesome coat that is hot pink and long and has the loop button on it. that was $10 at gymboree as well. i will get a picture with her wearing it sometime. the jeans and shirts and sweatshirts, and hats the girls have on are from childrens place. the flip flops are from old navy.
Kaylee~left and Kelsey~right

these swimsuits i got at oshkosh for $3.50 each. they are reversible too that is why they are each wearing a different side. these hats are from old navy. by the way, did you know that oshkosh offers a twin discount! they won't ask you, you have to ask for it. if you buy two of the same things, you can get the twin discount. you have to be the parent of the twins though. i wish more businesses did that! :) evereything they have on in this picture is from old navy. this time kaylee is on the right and kelsey is on the left. i had to take a double look as kaylee's birthmark is covered by the hat :)
they wore these outfits to church yesterday. i thought they were adorable!
last night we were getting everone ready for bed and the girls got tired of waiting and laid down on the stairs :)

well, i think that about covers it for tonight. i hope everyone has a great week. looks like we might be going to the dr.s again this week for kaylee's ears this time. i'll keep everyone updated! :)

p.s. i still haven't gotten my day off! oh well.

Friday, March 02, 2007

A Little Snow Anyone??

Kaylee and Kelsey ~ Ready to Play :) I had to include this, because as you can see, Kaylee (blue coat) is beached on a snowbank and can't get up. It was just too funny....lol
Our Dog ~ Gabby
Swinging in March

well, it once again has been a little while, so this will probably get lengthy and i have quit a few pictures just from today. so, here is goes!

first, i said i would update on Kaylee's appt. in the last post and i didn't do it, so she went to the Dr.s and she was fine, just a cold. Kelsey then got sick, but i didn't bring her in. they really just seemed to have colds. on the following Monday (the day before they returned to school), Jordan woke up at about 3 a.m have a SEVERE asthma attack. it was so bad that i almost called the ambulance. of course he was crying because he was scared and new he couldn't breathe, but the crying made it get worse alot faster. i finally had to literally YELL at him to stop as he couldn't hear me talking to him while he was screaming. we used the nebulizer and he finally was okay. on Tuesday, he went to school and then i brought him to the Dr.s in the afternoon. they checked him over and told me i did everything right (didn't feel like it at the time), and gave me a prescription for a portable inhaler (something we hadn't had). he was good for a couple of days and then Tuesday morning he woke up screaming that his ears were hurting, so we made another trek to the Dr.s office to find out that he had double ear infections. so, he is now on meds for that. then on Wednesday, his teacher informed me that he had a asthma attack at school. she said she was just about ready to get his inhaler and he stopped. and that has just been with Jordan. i bet you know where this is going, huh? :)

in between the time we went to the Dr.s for Kaylee the first time, both of the girls ears started running. they have tubes so that it was they are supposed to do, it's just really nasty to clean.
anyway, when we went to the appt. for Jordan's ears, i mentioned to the Dr. that the girls ears had been running for about 2 weeks by that time. she told me to bring them in because they can still get an ear infection, it just won't build up because of the tubes there fore they won't complain because of the pressure. anyway, we went in on Thursday for them and Kelsey has a double ear infection, but Kaylee's are fine. so now they are all 3 once again on the nebulizer and Jordan and Kelsey are on medication for their ears. and don't forget that Kaylee is on the medication for TB as well. now i just have more to remember :(.

okay, so today we are supposed to get about 10-16 in. of snow. i am so not happy about that. i am waiting patiently for spring so i can get a break from all this sickness. i decided instead of keeping everyone in all day that i would let them all go out and play. Toya and Jordan went out while the twins were napping. they got out at about 12:30 after lunch. when the girls woke up at 1:45, i decided to get them dressed and take them out. they really enjoyed themselves and screamed when i made them come in over an hour later. Toya and Jordan stayed out from 12:30 to 4:45. it's been in the 30's today so it wasn't too cold. plus of course they were as bundled as i could get them.

Jordan and Toya

these next pictures were taken for Laura. you said you wanted pictures of the girls in these adorable outfits, so when i got the package today, i tried them on them. the girls loved them and kept saying "ooooh, cute" to each other.....lol. I'm sure you will see many more pictures in these. no, they didn't keep them on, as it is too cold, we just tried them on and took some pictures and took them back off. thanks Laura for the outfits and for listening to me vent, your a great internet friend. p.s. you can skip the last part if you want. you heard it before :)

Kelsey and Kaylee ~ Ready for Summer!

anyway, i think that about covers it. i am planning on going with my cousin to the outlets in N.H. tomorrow. i was hoping to get someone to watch the kids so i could have a day off for the first time in 2 years. i had a couple of hours one day but that is it since the twins have been born! i need a break, yes i know i am the one who wanted them (kids), and i still do, but i think everyone deserves a break once in a while. i guess it is too much to ask though. oh, well, i'm used to taking them everywhere i go, so it won't be too painful. atleast i'll have help. sorry, i just had to vent. anyway, have a great week and i hope you enjoyed the post and the pictures!